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Resecurity: The Top Threat Management Solution Provider

Resecurity, a Los Angeles-based cybersecurity provider protecting Fortune 500 globally, has cemented its place as one of the fastest-growing threat management service providers. The company has recently bagged several awards, announcing itself as the next big thing in the IT security world. Some of its accolades include “Gold Winner” in three of the most prestigious categories in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards-Third Party Risk Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Cyber Threat Management. The most significant addition to its trophy chest is featuring among the latest Frost and Sullivan “Global Threat Intelligence Platforms Market 2022” and “External Risk Mitigation & Management (ERMM)” categories. Moreover, GRC Outlook Magazine also listed Resecurity under the top 10 threat management solution providers of 2022 along with DarkTrace, Obsidian and Imperva (Formerly Prevoty). The justification for this latest recognition is Resecurity’s innovative approach to cybersecurity and threat management supported by Human Intelligence (HUMINT) team for deep-dive investigation and threat intelligence research (Resecurity® HUNTER).

Resecurity has developed an all-in-one integrated platform for cyber threat intelligence, risk management, identity and endpoint protection. The technology leveraging Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model will accelerate an effective work of Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) teams to protect their enterprise ecosystem moving to Security by integrating essential components of Security Service Edge (SSE) and a scalable data lake containing a vast amount of actionable cyber threat intelligence data and related telemetry.

Resecurity also emphasizes the importance of actionable intelligence in combating cyber attacks. To this end, the Resecurity threat management offering provides businesses with valuable actor-centric intelligence from the Dark Web and the trends of the cybercrime underground economy. With the Resecurity, CISOs and their security teams will receive early-warning alerts about possible threats originating from cybercrime and espionage groups, data breach warning, exposed credentials, vulnerable services and other cyber risk indicators.

Businesses can receive enterprise cybersecurity posture information from two components of Resecurity’s threat management tool — the Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) and the Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) apparatus. These components are SaaS-powered solutions accessible through Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Oracle Cloud that will aid businesses in making the right decisions in protecting their data treasure chests.

“Effective threat management is about knowing what your attack surface comprises, understanding where security gaps exist and what assets are most appealing to threat actors, and honing the ability to detect— while ensuring a quick and effective response. Threat management is a framework and related set of practices that enable organizations to identify, assess, classify, and respond to threats and associated vulnerabilities, using proven remediation and mitigation techniques and best practices to reduce dwell time and minimize cyber risks faster and with more accuracy.” – said Christian Lees, Chief Technology Officer (Resecurity, Inc.). “On top of it, Resecurity applies cutting-edge Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), making the data actionable and the delivery – unparalleled and scalable. Resecurity solutions are SaaS-based and delivered via major cloud marketplaces including Amazon AWS, MSFT Azure, and Oracle Cloud.” – he added.

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