Resilio Connect named “Top 5 Multi-site File Collaboration Solution”

DCIG names the company a “Rising Vendor” for multi-site file collaboration solutions in their new research report

Resilio, a leader in the delivery of active, current, and accessible file data everywhere, today announced that analyst firm Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) has named Resilio Connect a “Top 5 Multi-site File Collaboration Solution” in this year’s DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendors data storage technologies report.

Many organizations rely on effective file-based collaboration for core business processes. This worked well when employees sat in offices with fast links to file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems. However, today’s modern workforce spans the globe, and working collaboratively on files located across various storage systems—both on-premises and in the cloud—is the new normal. Without transparent access to those business-critical files, the result is employee frustration, lost time, and organizational risk. Given competitive pressures, implementing solutions that speed up multi-site collaboration brings multiple benefits.

However, enterprises using conventional file collaboration methods suffer from limited scalability, inadequate version control, exponential file data growth, limited file access for sharing, inability to handle large files with distributed teams, and network latency. Resilio Connect solves these challenges with an all-in-one platform purpose-built for easy and unified access to files wherever they are stored—in a data center, in the cloud, or on edge networks—across any distance.

Designed for automation and speed, Resilio Connect is up to ten times faster than conventional replication software. It’s easily managed by organizations of any scale—from small collaborative teams to the world’s most demanding enterprise IT environments.

“Resilio Connect offers a different approach from traditional hub-and-spoke file collaboration tools,” said Todd Dorsey, senior storage analyst at DCIG. “Its distributed and multidirectional solution replicates and synchronizes files in parallel across multiple endpoints at once. Providing materially faster synchronization than legacy approaches, organizations can keep data current across multiple endpoints in the same or different locations and to remote and hybrid teams.”

The Top 5 Multi-site File Collaboration Solution report is an outcome of DCIG’s research into the marketplace for software-defined storage (SDS) for file storage. The report named Resilio Connect a top solution among 18 vendors for three notable features:

Synchronization without limits: Resilio Connect can detect and synchronize changes to millions of files in real-time across as many servers, file systems, storage devices, sites, and on-premises or off-premises users as needed. Resilio Connect can handle small files and huge files. Synchronization can be one-way, two-way, one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one. The solution can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Centralized synchronization management: Resilio Connect works with any type of popular server (physical, virtual, containerized), storage (DAS, NAS, SAN, cloud file, object storage), and operating system (Windows, Mac, mobile). Resilio Connect’s management console can run on Windows or Linux, and users can centrally manage all file synchronization services, such as adding, removing, or changing shares, synchronization times, and priorities. All functions can be automated through scripting or APIs. Additionally, administrators can monitor performance and set up notifications for important events.

Fast WAN optimization: The company’s Zero Gravity Transport™ (ZGT) technology in Resilio Connect provides WAN optimization technology that delivers high-speed, low-latency synchronization over wide-area networks. Encrypted end-to-end, ZGT moves data at predictable speeds between all locations to fully utilize WAN bandwidth. ZGT overcomes network latency and packet loss and optimizes network utilization while honoring business priorities. All features ensure mission-critical file data synchronizes without delay across the enterprise.

“Resilio’s flexibility is unique to the product—nothing is a true competitor in this space yet. Resilio Connect is the only platform that works on both Synology NAS and Windows, has WAN optimization and transfer compression, lets us pre-stage data, doesn’t require the use of a public cloud, and inherently ‘just works,’ said William Evans, IT Manager at Global Ore Discovery. “Without Resilio, we would not have the datasets synced in real-time from the remote sites; we would have to merge them into the main dataset manually, which means that there is never a single source of truth for the client’s data, leading to an eventual mess and a lot of person-hours involved in cleaning it up. The biggest ROI would be a massive saving in IT data management time, as previously, we would manually merge data from USB HDDs.”

The recognition comes at a time of growth. The company’s approach of resilient access to mission-critical file data is gaining customer momentum globally. Notable customers include Deutsche Aircraft, ExxonMobil, Canadian National Railway, and Skywalker Sound.

The DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendors report is available for free download from Resilio.

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