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Retina Launches the 1st AI-Driven Platform – Retina Insight

Madison Reed and Brickell Men’s Products Among Those Already Using Retina Insight for Predictive Customer Lifetime Value Analytics to Capture More Profitable Customers

Retina, the leading customer intelligence company, today announced the general availability of Retina Insight, a customer lifetime value (CLV) enrichment platform that helps high-growth consumer brands improve targeting, ad relevance, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. Marketers typically need to wait for four or more customer transactions to gain the insights necessary to optimize campaigns. Retina Insight is the first platform to bring CLV insights to marketers before a customer’s first purchase, enabling them to optimize campaigns and ad spend for predictable and profitable revenue.

Retina Insight also gives marketers actionable metrics including a customer’s future value, churn prediction, as well as high-value customer personas to determine lookalike audiences for campaigns that boost revenue.

“Millions of dollars are spent each year trying to acquire bad customers but overpaying for customer acquisition is avoidable. Marketers frequently don’t know the shared attributes of their high-value customers and miss opportunities for lookalike campaigns that capture repeat customers,” said Emad Hasan, Co-Founder and CEO of Retina. “We created Retina Insight to give both marketing and finance the critical missing data they needed to transform customer acquisition.”

Retina Insight’s platform increases marketing efficiency by 30 percent, boosts incremental CLV by 44% with lookalike audiences, and generates eight times more return on ad spend (ROAS).

High-growth consumer brands, including Madison Reed and Brickell Men’s Products, are already optimizing their marketing campaigns, sales, and product strategies using Retina Insight.

  • “We wanted to build customer lifetime value models internally because we knew they would help drive meaningful customer relationships. But, building these models would take significant time and effort — and even longer to create actionable models. With Retina, we were able to gain actionable and personalized models 10 times faster than building them ourselves at an important growth period for our business.” — Gurdhir Shergill, Director of Business Analytics, Madison Reed
  • “Working with Retina has been one of the best investments that we have made as a business. Their ability to communicate complex concepts around customer retention and lifetime value in an informative yet simplistic manner has uncovered a plethora of new opportunities for us.” — Tyler Cohen, Vice President of Marketing, Brickell Men’s Products

Retina Insight uses a proprietary algorithm based on a Generalized Low Rank Model (GLRM) and a Generative Neural Network (G-NN). The platform integrates with Shopify as well as customer data platforms (CDPs), including Segment and mParticle for seamless integration. The platform collects order history, adds customer attributes, builds underlying customer archetypes, and calculates customer lifetime value. These insights enable marketing to develop smarter copy and retention campaigns, reallocate and optimize ad spend, and rank customers and service tickets.

Retina Insight is a SaaS platform based on per-customer scoring with pay-as-you-go, annual, and multi-year options available. For pricing and more information, please visit

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