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Retirement communities made safer by, Caspar.AI & Alexa together

Caspar.AI has partnered with Amazon Alexa to bring enhanced comfort and safety to several retirement communities on the West Coast.

“Caspar informs me about the wellness of my mom. With Alexa I can check in on her to see if she’s fine. This gives me reassurance she is safe,” says Mary from the SF Bay Area.

Caspar.AI equips the home with a sensor system driven by Artificial Intelligence, providing residents with a simple to use care solution. It provides wellness analytics with Apple Healthkit, 24/7 safety features for staff efficiency and provides the family peace of mind. Caspar.AI system does not require any wearables, making it very reliable and simple to use.

Caspar’s home offering with Amazon merges Caspar’s sensing and Alexa’s interaction in one integrated solution. Caspar.AI home detects resident activity levels and sends extensive wellness reports even if residents are unable to engage with Alexa. Alexa Care Hub facilitates the communication between the family and the senior resident. They can now contact residents anytime following the Caspar message, reducing false alarms and increasing resident engagement with their family.

Caspar recently expanded to several SF Bay Area communities. “With Caspar.AI, we want to bring a new experience for residents especially around safety,” says Melvin Mendoza, Baywood Court community.

Caspar homes come with numerous features such as circadian lighting, extensive scenes for mood and productivity, and climate control to save energy. To engage the residents, various entertainment features are offered such as music, books, or various Alexa skills and routines. Finally, Caspar Alexa helps with resident engagement and inclusion in activities at senior properties. Residents can access schedules and make reservations for community events and rooms, increasing staff efficiency. 

Caspar.AI’s integration with partners such as Alexa, GE, and Apple Healthkit brings a fully-integrated solution to the community operators.

Residents and staff across many Caspar.AI properties welcome these new product features, with 86% of the residents rating it as an excellent product they use every day.

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