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Reveel unveiled powerful new capabilities

Enhancements to Reveel’s Platform Include Powerful New Capabilities that Provide Shippers with Everything They Need to Effectively Negotiate with Carriers on Their Own

Reveel, whose Shipping Intelligence™ Platform enables companies to level the playing field with carriers, today unveiled powerful new capabilities that provide shippers with even more opportunity to actively manage their shipping agreements. Enhancements to Reveel’s platform include:

  • Self-Service Contract Negotiations
  • Enhanced Agreement Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection Actionable Insights

New Self-Service Carrier Contract Negotiation:

“The new self-service carrier contract negotiation capabilities within our Software-as-a-Service platform reflect our commitment to provide shippers with everything they need not only to dramatically lower their shipping costs, but also to do for themselves what once required extensive consulting engagements,” said Josh Dunham, co-founder and CEO of Reveel. “These enhancements put powerful new capabilities at shippers’ fingertips that combine data science with the negotiation best practices we honed while securing winning carrier contracts for the nation’s most successful companies since 2006.”

The new self-service carrier contract negotiation enhancements include:

  • More powerful carrier contract analysis: Advanced data science and analytics present shippers with detailed analysis of even the most complex carrier contracts in minutes, while highlighting opportunities for differentiation;
  • Organization-specific opportunities for savings: The powerful machine learning and AI in Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform analyzes both proposed carrier contracts and the shipping organizations’ activity, enabling shippers to “follow the money” and identify opportunities for savings; and
  • Self-service guidance: Reveel’s platform identifies the negotiation strategies that would most effectively lower shipping costs and gain shipping efficiencies, and then provides step-by-step guidance on how to most effectively navigate through the negotiation process.

“The new self-service negotiation capabilities unveiled in the Reveel Shipping Intelligence Platform will dramatically help shippers not only to negotiate the best contract for their operation, but also to effectively negotiate more frequently and effectively as carriers’ new rules, surcharges and fees are introduced,” adds Dunham. “It is imperative that shippers not be tempted into complacency, or make the mistake of negotiating their contract, only to set it and forget it.”

New Enhanced Agreement Monitoring:

Building on the ability of the Reveel Platform to create a digital twin of a complex shipping agreement that alerts shippers to expiring discounts, these enhancements enable shippers to see at-a-glance a visual representation of where they are in their earned discount revenue tiers. This lets shippers quickly understand the exact impact of growth or retraction of shipping volume, or how much volume can be moved to alternative carriers without impacting earned discounts.

New Actionable Insights Deliver Immediate Savings:

New actionable insights augment the many actionable insights the platform already delivered, and which Reveel’s customers have used to optimize service levels and embrace a more strategic approach to shipping. Insights such as when parcels are being shipped by high-cost service levels that could have arrived on the same day if shipped by less expensive ground services, or expensive surcharges being levied that could have been avoided, enable shippers to easily see the “needles in the haystack” of shipping data that can save real money.

The new enhancements empower shippers with additional insights, made possible by new anomaly detection capabilities within Reveel’s platform. Shippers can be immediately alerted to unexpected changes in their shipping spend that previously would have been impossible to see. The new capabilities reflect Reveel’s continued development of solutions that enable shippers to proactively address carriers’ continually evolving fees and rules.

“Whether it is something basic like fixing an incorrect address to avoid recurring correction charges, or capabilities that draw on our new anomaly detection capabilities, we are committed to empowering our customers with ever-more comprehensive shipping intelligence and the actionable insights needed to proactively and immediately use it – a significant departure from the status quo where shippers only learned of lost opportunities to save money after receiving the carrier’s invoice,” says Dunham. “Anomaly detection is absolutely crucial today when carriers are rolling out outrageous and onerous surcharges that include exceptionally high penalties for things like dimensional limits or overweight parcels.”

Shippers are invited to see and try Reveel’s new enhanced Shipping Intelligence Platform at the PARCEL Forum ’23, September 11-13 in Nashville, Tenn. at booth #1029. Attendees can also attend Dunham’s panel conversation with Reveel customers from Motion & Flow Control Products, White Labs and Wine Direct. “Measuring Your Value: How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Get the Most from the National Carriers” will explore what all enterprises can learn from the very largest shippers.

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