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Rigetti Computing launches the Novera™ QPU Partner Program

The Novera QPU Partner Program aims to enable high-performing, on-premises quantum computing by creating an ecosystem of quantum computing hardware, software, and service providers who build and offer integral components of a functional quantum computing system. Novera QPU customers can work with Novera QPU partners to build a quantum computer powered by the Novera QPU that satisfies their system requirements and quantum computing research objectives.

Rigetti Computing, Inc. (Nasdaq: RGTI) (“Rigetti” or the “Company”), a pioneer in full-stack quantum-classical computing, announces the launch of the Novera™ QPU Partner Program. The Novera QPU Partner Program is an ecosystem of quantum computing hardware, software and service providers who build and offer integral components of a functional quantum computing system. Novera QPU customers who need control systems, a dilution refrigerator, quantum computing software tools, or integration services can integrate their Novera QPU with Novera QPU Partners’ technology with the assurance of compatibility and quality.

The founding members of the Novera QPU Partner Program include some of Rigetti’s most long-time partners and are leaders in their respective areas of quantum computing technology:

  • Cryogenics: Bluefors
  • Control Systems:
    • Quantum Machines
    • Zurich Instruments
  • Software:
    • Q-CTRL
    • Strangeworks
    • Classiq
    • Horizon Quantum Computing
  • Integration and Service Providers:
    • TreQ
    • ParTec AG
  • QEC Solutions: Riverlane

Rigetti intends on growing the Novera QPU Partner Program with additional partners on an ongoing basis.

The Novera QPU is a 9-qubit quantum processing unit (QPU) based on the Company’s fourth generation Ankaa™-class architecture featuring tunable couplers and a square lattice for denser connectivity and fast 2-qubit operations. The Novera QPU is manufactured in Rigetti’s Fab-1, the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility.

The Novera QPU includes all of the hardware below the mixing chamber plate (MXC) of a dilution refrigerator. In addition to a 9-qubit chip with a 3×3 array of tunable transmons, a 5-qubit chip with no tunable couplers or qubit-qubit coupling which can be used for developing and characterizing single-qubit operations on a simpler circuit, the Novera QPU components include:

  • A puck that contains both the 9-qubit and 5-qubit chips, interposers and a PCB to route signals to SMPM connectors at the puck periphery.
  • A tower that hangs from the MXC and connects coaxial cables between the puck and the SMA patch panel. The tower delivers cooling power from the MXC to the chips.
  • Shields that surround the tower to isolate the puck from infrared radiation and stray magnetic fields.
  • Payload brackets and a signal chain installed around the tower with mounted signal conditioning devices, including ferrite isolators, diplexers, filters, and optional quantum-limited amplifiers.

While a QPU is the core of a quantum computer, in order to have a functioning quantum computing system, the installation must also include (1) a dilution refrigerator and (2) a control system. Depending on a customer’s research goals, system requirements, and use cases, there are also a variety of quantum software and integration resources that can be integrated with the Novera QPU.

Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Rigetti CEO, said: “With the Novera QPU, we have a unique opportunity to support the development of on-premises quantum computing capabilities worldwide. At Rigetti, we are experts at overcoming the challenges of building, installing, and supporting a quantum computing system. After a decade in the quantum computing industry, we’ve also forged long lasting partnerships with world-leading quantum technology companies whose collaborations and expertise helped us advance our capabilities even further. We want to empower Novera QPU customers with an ecosystem of our trusted partners to support their own quantum computing research pursuits, and to help prepare us for a quantum-ready society.”

David Gunnarsson, Bluefors CTO, said: “Bluefors’ Dilution Refrigerator Measurement Systems are renowned for their unmatched reliability, and today we have more than 1,250 units in operation worldwide. It’s important for us to continue to innovate and develop critical components of a high performing quantum computer. Bluefors next generation gas handling system supports the deployment and easy to use cryogenics for on-premises quantum systems. We have the capability to support our customers with best in industry lead time and we are thrilled to be leading the field and pushing the boundaries of ultra-low temperature cooling.”

Nir Minerbi, Classiq CEO, said: “Quantum computing relies on bringing together a collection of technologies in order to achieve the best fitting and performing solution. Classiq is proud to be providing efficient, scalable quantum computing software to facilitate best-practice algorithm development with Novera.”

Joe Fitzsimons, Horizon Quantum Computing CEO, said: “Rigetti was one of the pioneers of cloud-based quantum computing, and we are delighted to partner with them as Rigetti processors begin to power on-premises systems. As the industry pushes towards quantum advantage, a strong ecosystem and close collaboration between hardware and software efforts is more important than ever. The Novera QPU Partner Program is a welcome new instrument for building collaboration and allowing for tight integration between technologies at all levels of the quantum computing stack.”

Bernhard Frohwitter, ParTec AG CEO, said: “The Novera QPU Partner Program is an essential building block in ParTec’s strategy of becoming a quantum computing system integrator, building full-stack solutions using a component-based design that relies on a supply chain of quantum technology providers. ParTec looks forward to integrating the Novera QPU in our holistic quantum computer solutions and working with customers on unleashing its potential.”

Michael J. Biercuk, Q-CTRL CEO and Founder, said: “The team at Q-CTRL has been excited to work with the Rigetti team to show how the right combination of hardware and infrastructure software can help deliver huge capabilities and performance enhancements to end users. Now we’re thrilled to be delivering this capability directly to researchers and customers of the Novera QPU to help them achieve their goals using quantum computing with optimal performance.”

Dr. Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines, said: “We’re excited to be one of the founding members of the Novera QPU Partner Program. OPX1000 enables users to control their Novera QPU in real-time and push the boundaries of what algorithms and experiments can be performed. By integrating our OPX family of high-performance, processor-based controllers with Rigetti’s advanced QPU technology, we are paving the path to accessible, powerful quantum computing solutions and accelerated time-to-market. Our partnership embodies our commitment to delivering industry-leading quantum control capabilities that push the boundaries of our industry closer to real-world applications.”

Steve Brierley, founder and CEO of Riverlane said: “Together, Riverlane’s Quantum Error Correction Stack and Rigetti’s Novera QPU go hand in glove. End users can use our stack holistically or in parts. This includes our hardware decoder, optimized for Rigetti’s architecture; our suite of public and proprietary software decoders, ‘QEC Explorer’; and ‘Aqueduct’, our open quantum experiment management platform.”

whurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks, said: ​​”This Partner Program will enable organizations to procure and build powerful quantum computers at a fraction of the price of commercial systems today. We are thrilled to be one of the first members of the Novera QPU Partner Program and deepen our existing partnership with Rigetti.”

Mandy Birch, CEO of TreQ said: “TreQ is delighted to partner with Rigetti to build and operate on-premises quantum computing systems that include the Novera QPU. We look forward to supporting pathfinders around the world who are expediting useful and usable next-gen computing infrastructure to elevate their businesses, institutions, and communities.”

Moritz Kirste, Head of Business Development Quantum Technologies at Zurich Instruments, said: “We are excited to be one of the founding members of Rigetti’s Novera QPU Partner Program. Zurich Instruments started contributing to quantum technologies in 2015, and ever since we are committed to Swiss quality standards in R&D and in production. This partnership opens new pathways to support our customers with full-stack solutions, locally by our experts in seven international offices.”

Among the early adopters of small-scale, high performing QPUs like the Novera QPU, are government agencies. The first two Novera QPU sales were to leading US government labs — the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center (SQMS) led by Fermilab, and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). Rigetti also recently sold a Novera QPU to Horizon Quantum Computing for their first quantum computing system, to be installed in their new hardware testbed in Singapore. Quantum computing researchers across academia and industry are also beginning to invest in this technology as it is a promising resource to advance quantum computing workforce development.

The Novera QPU Partner Program launch follows Rigetti’s recent achievements with its larger-scale Ankaa-class quantum systems. Rigetti’s 84-qubit Ankaa-2 system, which is available over the cloud via Rigetti’s Quantum Cloud Services (QCS®) cloud computing platform, recently achieved a 98% median 2-qubit gate fidelity. This performance marks a 2.5X increase in error performance compared to the Company’s previous QPUs. Rigetti was also recently awarded an Innovate UK competition to deliver a 24-qubit Ankaa-class quantum computing system to the UK’s National Quantum Computing Centre.

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