RightHand Robotics introduces the RightPick™ 4 System

Building on its industry-leading predecessor, the RightPick 4 system can handle items up to 25% larger and 50% heavier, significantly reducing the need for human intervention

RightHand Robotics, a leader in data-driven, autonomous robotic picking solutions for order fulfillment, announces the launch of its next-generation solution, the RightPick™ 4 system. The groundbreaking piece-picking system revolutionizes the level of autonomy and reliability of robotic order fulfillment in modern warehouse operations and distribution centers.

The RightPick 4 system showcases enhanced AI-based software algorithms, an upgraded sensor suite, and newly designed hardware that enables a larger picking range of item SKUs, advanced item handling capacity, and increased system autonomy. With improved picking and grasping techniques, the RightPick 4 system maximizes reliability and enables faster integration through novel approaches in both software and hardware.

“Retailers continue to have challenges with growing demand for faster and more accurate order fulfillment, in part due to ongoing labor challenges. With the launch of the RightPick 4 system, we have created a new piece-picking solution that delivers increased autonomy, reliability, and serviceability,” said Brendon Bielat, VP of Product & Marketing. “We have trained our system by leveraging more than a petabyte of operational data, gathered for over eight years from picking tens of millions of items around the globe. This massive amount of data has helped us create a smarter, more robust solution for real-world fulfillment challenges.”

The RightPick 4 system is reducing the need for human intervention by deploying advanced gripping strategies to pick and place more items, even those it has never seen before. With improved smart grasp and suction seal quality detection, RightHand Robotics can enable autonomous piece-picking for market verticals such as general merchandise, office supplies, apparel, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and 3PLs. Powered by RightPick™ AI, the RightPick 4 system is continuously learning and improving on the overall range of items that can be picked successfully.

“We are thrilled to unveil RightPick 4, a product realized through collaboration with customers and partners. We have hardened our product with a focus on reliability and autonomy so that our customers can increase their operational capacity without being hindered by labor volatility,” said Brian Owen, President & CEO. “The total market potential for the RightPick 4 system is staggering, especially in global, post-pandemic logistics. It’s no longer just early adopters approaching our technology. The general awareness of robotic piece-picking has increased, and omnichannel retailers are realizing it’s a necessity. The RightPick 4 system is a competitive advantage with a quick time-to-value for stakeholders within the supply chain.”

To learn more about the RightPick 4 piece-picking system and how it exceeds demand with best-in-class features and capabilities, visit RightHand Robotics at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, at booth #C6479. You can also visit the RightHand Robotics website to learn more.

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