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RLDatix Launches Safety Institute to Transform Patient Safety Culture

The Safety Institute leverages PSO certification to fuel industry collaboration with data-backed insights.

RLDatix, the leading global provider of connected healthcare operations software and services, has announced the creation of its RLDatix Safety Institute, an approved Patient Safety Organization (PSO) that will research safety design and care delivery risk reduction best practices. With RLDatix’s footprint in a majority of hospitals nationwide and access to an extensive data repository in its Healthcare Operations Cloud, the Safety Institute will use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to identify contributing risk factors in healthcare safety.

“Facilitating collaboration across the industry is a critical next step in our journey to ensuring safer healthcare for all because these learnings will enable hospitals and health systems to design safety into care delivery processes, standardize those best practices and effectively lower the risk of incidents,” said Jeff Surges, RLDatix CEO. “By providing a community-based forum for passionate safety leaders to share data-backed safety insights, we can transform the culture and implementation around healthcare risk and safety as we know it.”

Despite improvement efforts over the past 30 years, nearly 1 in 4 hospital admissions still experience adverse events today, of which approximately a quarter are preventable. At the same time, the healthcare workforce is experiencing unprecedented emotional exhaustion fueled by administrative burden and an explosion of uncoordinated, siloed data, all of which are significant contributing factors to safety incidents.

The Safety Institute will work to mitigate challenges associated with fragmented data using RLDatix’s AI capabilities to offer participating organizations insights into variables impacting their safety and adverse events. RLDatix has a broad set of operational data across risk, safety, compliance, provider management, accreditation, regulatory and workforce management. Connecting data will enable hospitals and health systems to “see the unseen” across risk and safety.

“Our collaborative community of learning will provide a data-driven forum in which organizations can share their pain points alongside peers and foster adoption of new processes, systems, protocols that will mitigate risk and improve patient safety, said, Ann Louise Puopolo, BSN, RN, and President of the RLDatix Safety Institute. “I have had the good fortune of leading two other PSO’s throughout my career and I believe RLDatix’s breadth of operational data, expertise to derive insights using AI tools and position with those we serve across the industry brings a critically fresh perspective to patient safety.”

For more information on The Safety Institute and how to join, visit

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