RPA Labs Bots to Bring Document Process Automation to Jaguar Freight

Jaguar Freight has selected RPA Labs to automate its document processes. Previously partnering with a technology provider of document OCR (optical character recognition), documents were being migrated into their systems, but created a new need for automation when the documents still required manual indexing. This process was both error-prone and time consuming. RPA Labs’ Document Indexing Bot was deployed to analyze the document type, load numbers, vendor/customer names, dates, amounts, and sort them into the correct folders. This resulted in the elimination of human errors from manual indexing and a drastic reduction in document processing time.

“We recently partnered with RPA Labs, who does a tremendous job automating a lot of the heavy lifting within our organization. They helped us in two areas – one is taking a lot of raw data from client documentation, commercial invoices and packing lists, and populating that automatically in our system, where previously there was fair amount of data entry, which caused a lot of errors and delays,” said Simon Kaye, President and CEO of Jaguar Freight.

The second area Kaye mentions is by eliminating the “forgetfulness factor”, which he explains is the part of the process that requires employees to follow-up manually. This key step can sometimes be forgotten or misplaced. “I don’t want anyone to say they forgot to follow up on an email. We want to take the “remembering” part of the job out of the process.” RPA Labs’ Workflow Bots were deployed to automate reminders for quotes, document collection, and payments, so employees were no longer required to complete them manually. If a process is delayed, the Bots will automatically trigger a solution to move on to the next step by sending reminders to the correct parties or collecting missing information.

“Jaguar Freight is very forward-thinking when it comes to the implementation of new technology. Whether they’re building it themselves or partnering with tech companies, they are always seeking to provide value to their customers and staff,” said Matt Motsick, CEO of RPA Labs. “We’re excited to help them get ahead of the competition with the automation that RPA Labs provides.” 

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