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Rufus Labs & Jay Group to Modernize the Picking Experience

Warehouse wearable and analytics company to help Jay Group improve scan accuracy in warehouse facilities

Rufus Labs, makers of intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software, today announced its partnership with Jay Group, a 3PL order fulfillment center, to provide rugged wearables & barcode scanners in order to modernize their existing technology and improve accuracy.

The partnership was first established in October 2021, and within three months, Rufus’ wearables have produced 99.9% scan accuracy with their technology. Jay Group’s partnership with Rufus has also allowed the company to eliminate $50,000 in IT costs previously incurred from managing all devices manually without a software solution. Employees are happier using Rufus’ wearables, resulting in a more productive workforce.

“Rufus was the obvious partner for us as we have limited technology resources and, with multiple facilities, we needed to streamline our operations,” said Blake Dudek, President and COO of Jay Group.” Jay Group strives to be a preferred place to work for employees and also a preferred partner, and the equipment is a huge part of that overall strategy. Employees want to have a reliable device to work with, and partners want a reliable fulfillment center. Rufus Labs’ WorkHero grants us the opportunity to fill both of those needs and so much more.”

A leader in providing warehouse inventory management, eCommerce fulfillment, and specialty packaging services, Jay Group’s customers rely on them to ensure their product is delivered accurately and on time. Prior to this partnership, Jay Group purchased non-ruggedized, off-the-shelf android devices and ring scanners for their barcode scanning technology that resulted in hundreds of broken devices per year. Rufus WorkHero’s all-in-one platform not only resolved these issues, but also provides Jay Group with 24/7 tech support and unlimited hardware upgrades within the monthly subscription.

“The issues Jay Group previously encountered with their technology made our WorkHero product the perfect solution for their needs,” said Gabe Grifoni, CEO and co-founder of Rufus Labs. “Our wearable technology and scanners allow warehouse workers to accurately and efficiently pick products. We’re happy to see that in such a short amount of time our product was significantly able to help Jay Group’s operation.”

Jay Group currently uses multiple products from Rufus Labs, including:

  • WorkHero platform hardware that empowers over 350 workers, in two facilities, across multiple shifts. Hardware includes Rufus Cuff wearable & handheld Android devices, RADD Tab rugged Android tablets, and Rufus Scan2 wearable glove & ring barcode scanners.
  • WorkHero labor productivity software, which allows Jay Group access to real-time analytics of scanning, steps, and labor metrics, including scan and non-scan tasks, for facilities, teams and individual workers. WorkHero Mobile Device Management (MDM), granting the capability to manage their fleet of Rufus devices across all of Jay Group’s facilities from one central cloud-based platform. Warehouse admins can view information including battery life and health, active users, session data, geolocation, and more. The robust, built-in WorkHero MDM also allows for Wifi network deployments and remote installation of 3rd party Android apps.

For more information on Rufus Labs’ offerings, please visit www.getrufus.com

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