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Ryght introduces Ryght Preview

Ryght’s GenAI technology will optimize workflows, boost operational efficiency, and unlock new potential for the healthcare and life sciences industries

Ryght, a leading enterprise generative AI (GenAI) technology company for healthcare and life sciences, today announced the public availability of Ryght Preview. This offering invites knowledge workers to experience a seamless introduction to secure, industry-specific, enterprise-level GenAI technology. Ryght Preview comes pre-equipped with an expanding library of tailored “copilots,” each designed to enhance daily productivity by streamlining routine tasks, with additional features accessible in the full enterprise version of Ryght.

Ryght’s overarching goal is to streamline the interactions among research sites, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), and clinical trial sponsors. By granting access to its platform, Ryght facilitates smoother operations and communication across these critical entities. Utilizing a wealth of clinical data and an ever-growing array of copilots, Ryght enhances clinical operations efficiency, delivering actionable insights and informed decision-making. This advancement can potentially accelerate the drug-to-market process, improve the success rates of clinical trials, and refine patient matching, thereby resolving the bottleneck between sponsors and trial sites.

“Ryght is a secure and user-friendly platform designed to meet the diverse needs of life science professionals looking to accelerate drug development by optimizing workflows, generating complex documents, or interrogating large amounts of unstructured data for optimal insights. Our platform will eliminate the need for these companies to allocate time and resources to internal teams to develop this technology themselves,” said Simon Arkell, CEO and co-founder of Ryght. “Customized copilots can be added to the platform to reduce friction and optimize operations across all aspects of the clinical research continuum and beyond – whether that’s by interrogating huge data lakes or writing protocols, informed consent documents or long proposals. Through the application of Ryght, we aim to further support our life science partners to boost operational efficiency and unlock a better future for the healthcare and life sciences industry.”

Ryght Preview is available to life sciences knowledge workers as a free, secure platform with frictionless sign up. Ryght’s copilot library consists of a diverse collection of tools to accelerate information retrieval, synthesis, and structuring of vast amounts of complex and unstructured data, and document builders, taking what might have taken weeks to complete down to days or hours. To inquire about custom building, collaborations, and access to additional copilots, contact Ryght’s team of AI experts to discuss Ryght for Enterprise.  To attend today’s LinkedIn Live with Tom Pike and Simon Arkell, Ryght co-founder and CEO, RSVP here.

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