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SaaS Platform Sustain.Life Collaborates with Interactive Brokers

New features enable users of Interactive Brokers’ IMPACT app to manage their individual carbon footprint

Sustain.Life, a SaaS platform helping companies across industries measure and reduce their environmental impact, today announced a collaboration with Interactive Brokers, one of the largest electronic brokers in the U.S, to offer users of Interactive Brokers’ IMPACT app the ability to easily calculate and offset their carbon footprint directly inside the IMPACT app. Sustain.Life will power the data and calculation behind the IMPACT app users’ personal carbon calculation, based on a variety of factors such as electricity usage, travel habits and diet type.

“We’re delighted to work with Sustain.Life to offer their carbon measurement capability to our IMPACT investors,” said Edward Soffer, ESG Manager at Interactive Brokers. “The collaboration further enables our IMPACT investors to actualize their commitment to taking meaningful carbon action.”

Interactive Brokers’ IMPACT app is a sustainable trading app that allows investors to align their investments with what they care about most, including values inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By integrating with Sustain.Life, the app now offers its environmentally-conscious user base access to Sustain.Life’s carbon calculator and carbon offset offerings, enabling users to measure and reduce their individual carbon footprint.

“We are excited to work with Interactive Brokers to advance a shared goal of making sustainability widely accessible,” says Alyssa Rade, Chief Sustainability Officer of Sustain.Life “Our partnership enables users of the IMPACT app to take action on climate and mitigate their individual environmental impact.”

Sustain.Life launched in November 2021. Learn more about Sustain.Life here.

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