SamaCare Announces Integration with NextGen® Healthcare

Medical practices who use NextGen®  Electronic Health Record (EHR) will now be able to automatically synchronize data and share documents between their EHR and SamaCare, further streamlining the prior authorization process.

SamaCare provides a free prior authorization platform for medical benefit drugs, which helps practices alleviate the administrative overhead associated with managing prior authorizations, and ultimately ensure patients get the treatment they need.

“SamaCare’s free platform aims to alleviate one of the biggest administrative burdens in healthcare today – prior authorization management – by unifying and automating prior authorization submissions, tracking, and follow-up across all payers and physician-administered drugs,” said Syam Palakurthy, CEO and founder of SamaCare. “The goal of integrating SamaCare with key specialty EHRs and healthcare IT systems, like NextGen® Enterprise, is to further reduce administrative workload and prevent human errors caused by manual data entry between systems, ultimately reducing staff burnout and facilitating a better patient experience.”

Prior authorization is a growing burden for specialty practices. According to a 2021 survey by the AMA, physicians and their staff spend nearly two days per week on prior authorizations.

SamaCare’s integration with NextGen® Healthcare’s solution provides medical practices with a system that enables seamless two-way transfer of demographic data and clinical documentation required for prior authorizations between their EHR and any prior authorization they submit through SamaCare. By reducing time-consuming double-entry and the ever-dreaded data reconciliation between systems, SamaCare’s API-based integration with NextGen® Enterprise solution enables medical practices to focus on what actually matters: delivering superior care to patients. Another benefit to this integration, and the automation it facilitates, is the reduction of manual entry errors that can delay patients’ access to critical care. This integration between SamaCare and NextGen® Healthcare demonstrates how technology can help practices deliver better care, in this case, by streamlining prior authorization management within their existing software and workflows. To learn more about NextGen® Healthcare, visit

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