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Sangfor Technologies announces the launch of Sangfor Omni-Command

Sangfor Technologies, a leading global provider of cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions, proudly announces the launch of Sangfor Omni-Command, a groundbreaking Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform set to redefine cybersecurity.

Amid escalating cyber threats, traditional security measures are falling short. We are faced with a stark reality: no security system is foolproof, and the consequences of a single breach can be devastating for any organization. Sangfor Omni-Command breaks the limits of traditional security solutions and introduces a transformative approach to cybersecurity.

Sangfor Omni-Command stands out as one of the industry’s first on-premises XDR solutions. It offers extensive visibility by ingesting data from network, endpoint, and server environments for correlation and analysis. Using big data analytics and AI-driven analysis engines, it accurately detects 99% of advanced threats like ransomware, APT, and zero-day attacks. Omni-Command facilitates threat hunting through its advanced search capabilities, enabling teams to proactively hunt for threats by searching for specific hosts, files, processes, registry updates, network connections, and more.

“We are thrilled to introduce Sangfor Omni-Command to the market,” said Mr. Darren Du, Vice President of Sangfor International Market Division. “With its comprehensive integration and AI-driven detection and response capabilities, Omni-Command marks a shift in how cyber threats are perceived and managed. We believe this solution will revolutionize the way businesses manage their security posture and empower them to stride confidently ahead in their digital transformation journey.”

Omni-Command’s integration of Sangfor Security GPT, a generative AI security operations tool, is the game-changer. Born from over eight years of development and trained on extensive security data, it deeply understands and navigates complex cyber threats. Security GPT’s intelligent alert correlation transforms numerous alerts into single, actionable incidents, reducing false positives by 90%. Security teams can interact with the platform using everyday language to swiftly access crucial information, cutting down investigation time from hours to minutes.

Omni-Command is more than a platform. It is a comprehensive ecosystem that unifies multiple security technologies from one vendor, cutting costs by 50%. Its compatibility with diverse third-party security tools further enhances data unification, increasing operational efficiency and cost savings. This seamless integration into a cohesive system ensures robust protection and optimized security operations, representing a significant step forward in securing the digital landscape.

For more information about Sangfor Omni-Command and to request an exclusive demo, please visit the Sangfor official website.

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