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Satori’s Open-Source CLI enables secure, quick access to data

Satori provides authorization and governance to all data from a single CLI that natively integrates with developer tools

Satori, the industry’s leading data security platform, today announced the release of its CLI (command line interface), an open-source tool, that enables Satori customers to unify data governance without compromising on security or compliance. The development of this open-sourced CLI is part of Satori’s broader commitment to its customer experience.

When working on AI projects, data scientists often require access to sources such as data lakes and data warehouses. From a security and compliance perspective, giving them temporary access to this data is wiser. However, getting temporary access may create a productivity bottleneck as it requires manually changing credentials in their tools and applications. Using a CLI to get automatic temporary access to data solves that.

Similarly, production databases often contain sensitive data and data engineers are tasked with providing immediate access to resolve customer tickets or troubleshoot issues. However, this poses a significant security risk. To gain access to the production system, data teams must copy credentials to their tools before gaining access; this additional step is not only risky, but time-consuming and clumsy, slowing down the flow of data within the organization.

Satori developed a Rust-based CLI so that data engineers and data scientists can automatically get the credentials they need to connect to the data instead of having to copy and paste them. This enables quick access to data while maintaining security and compliance. Moreover, using the CLI reduces the security risks associated with copying and pasting credentials across different tools. Read more about Satori’s CLI.

The CLI’s native integration and extensibility highlight the tool’s versatility, with multiple native integrations such as DataGrip, AWS CLI and DBT Core. The CLI helps data engineers and data scientists save time and resources while dealing with immediate issues when they emerge, and facilitating the flow of data.

“The CLI benefits developers, data engineers and data scientists, who save time and reduce security risks by automatically gaining credentials to connect to data stores. The CLI is part of our broader commitment to helping organizations win with data without losing control.” said Yoav Cohen, CTO and co-founder of Satori.

The CLI by Satori is available to all Satori customers. Visit Satori to learn more. 

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