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Saturn Cloud launches New Tier of 150 Free Hours for Data Professionals

Saturn Cloud, an award-winning ML platform, has launched its newest free tier, providing 150 hours of compute per month. The platform enables data professionals and teams to easily and securely work in the cloud without switching tools.

In light of Saturn Cloud’s recent LLM offerings launching, the new tier helps users scale with free GPUs and CPUs: building large language models with less is the goal. “We provide the best free offering for the AI community, with endless ways to experiment, develop, and deploy projects,” says Sebastian Metti, CEO of Saturn Cloud. Build LLMs on Saturn Cloud here.

Use the Language and Tools You Want With Transparent Pricing

From concept to deployment, Saturn Cloud integrates with popular IDEs and provides persistent storage for uninterrupted work. Regardless of your preference for Python or R, the servers are specifically designed for your needs and offer optimized deployments for efficiency.

Additionally, you can integrate Git repositories, parallel computing, and shared folders, allowing you to concentrate on your core projects. This frees users from opinionated toolchains and having to build additional integrations.

A Powerful Workspace For the Entire Data Science & Machine Learning Community

Recognized as the top data science and machine learning platform, Saturn Cloud fosters team collaboration and offers customizable environments to suit individual preferences. With up to 4 TB of RAM, it eliminates the need for rewrites or ports. Users can seamlessly connect via SSH to tools like PyCharm and VS Code, modify Docker images, and scaling is no longer a daunting challenge.

Additionally, Saturn Cloud Enterprise provides additional features for DevOps and IT teams to set up and manage usage. All Saturn Cloud resources are in your own AWS account to securely connect to data, along with intrusion detection and response (CrowdStrike Falcon), Monitoring (Datadog), and On-premise package repositories (Anaconda Server and Posit/RStudio Package Manager). Saturn Cloud also provides award-winning support, solving support tickets with standard and enhanced SLAs.

Daniel Burkhardt, Machine Learning for Single Cell Analysis at Cellarity, praises Saturn Cloud, stating, “Saturn Cloud makes my work so much easier. When I sit down at the beginning of the day, I just want my environment to work. I want my favorite packages installed and available on demand. I want it to be easy to scale my workspace and have it shut down automatically when I’m done. Saturn Cloud solves all of that.” 

An End-to-End MLOps Cycle

Saturn Cloud covers the entire data journey, giving teams even more flexibility for their projects, wherever they are. Join for free and enjoy 150 free hours per month alongside 60,000+ other data professionals today. 

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