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BluJay Solutions

Improved user experience, enhanced customs and compliance, automated invoicing, expanded carrier support and additional route optimizations among the highlights

BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, has released version 21.1 of its transportation, distribution, and global trade software applications. BluJay’s latest releases provide new software and partner integrations, the most current compliance updates, and expanded capabilities that improve user experiences – all of which build resilience to help customers to better manage the growing number of supply chain disruptions.

“Neither the pace of commerce nor the pace of change is slowing down for our customers,” said David Landau, Chief Product Officer at BluJay Solutions. “As such, we can’t slow down our pace of innovation. Whether it is improving productivity through user experience or expanding visibility and capacity by leveraging the strength of our networks, BluJay remains committed to enabling our customers’ success with our technology investments.”

Key deployments in version 21.1 of BluJay’s DNA – data, network, and applications – include:

For Shippers:

  • Optimized routing guides– BluJay’s Transportation Management for Shippers now supports Dynamic Routing Guides for backup carriers. In addition to a predefined list of carriers, users can also include carriers with lower spot rates into their routing guides dynamically without user intervention. The benefit BluJay shippers will experience is routing to carriers with the most favorable rates whether they are spot or contract rates.
  • Expanded carrier support – SpotFinder, BluJay’s Transportation Management network carrier finder, has been expanded to include support for carriers outside of a shipper’s network, to increase carrier availability. SpotFinder now considers all carriers in the BluJay network that are delivering a load or loads near a location from where a shipper is attempting to secure coverage. This includes carriers the shippers have existing relationships with and net-new carriers. This solution accounts for the delivery time, equipment, and distance from the original ship point to determine if the carrier would be “eligible” when seeking load coverage. Loads are then posted to the spot market from SpotFinder to provide carriers with the opportunity to bid on targeted available freight.

For Freight Forwarders:

  • Improved user experience – BluJay’s Transportation Management for Forwarders now offers multi-screen capabilities with a recently accessed list, which provides a list of those screens currently active or idle. Users can easily toggle between the screens by highlighting and clicking on the preferred screen and a section that displays the user’s most commonly used modules. Transportation Management for Forwarders also offers new drag-and-drop capabilities for eDocs throughout the application.
  • New Customer Portal capabilities – The newly added “Request a Quote” feature allows a forwarder’s customer to request a quote from BluJay’s Transportation Management for Forwarders (TMFF) application directly through the BluJay Customer Portal. Quotes can be accepted and converted to a booking right from the Customer Portal, which in turn starts and streamlines the shipment process within TMFF.

For Global Trade Customers:

  • Augmented Global Trade platform integration – BluJay’s Customs Management-Global is fully available within the new Augmented Global Trade (AGT) platform. This enables customers to leverage new AGT-enabled products to easily create declarations. The new integration also offers increased support for customers facing Brexit challenges and opportunities, with expanded country coverage in version 21.1 for Import Control System (ICS) in France and UK ICS, which supports messages including Northern Ireland and Security and Safety.
  • Enhanced U.S. Customs platform – In Customs Management-US, users can now send an imaged document to Customers and Border Protection (CBP) while they are in the shipment processing without having to go to a separate menu option. Various compliance features have also been implemented to support CBP and Partner Government Agencies (PGA) including Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US Dept. of Agriculture – Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS), Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

For Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and Fleet Operators:

  • Automated invoicing for LSPs – BluJay’s LSP Platform now enables the creation of invoices, as well as the printing and posting to financial systems, to be scheduled and executed automatically. This latest release also improves bulk edits in the shipment, planning, and process overview, making it easier and faster for multiple shipments or trips to be updated simultaneously.
  • Increased Route Safety and Efficiency – BluJay’s MobileSTAR features a number of route optimization improvements to help plan safer and more efficient routes for drivers. This release enables operators to “penalize” cross-traffic turns on major roads, includes vehicle profiles, and assigns new jobs to the best location within the current sequence.

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