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ScriptSender and Infinx Healthcare Form Partnership to Expedite Prior Authorization Requests

Collaboration also streamlines Clinical Decision Support Mechanism to help providers realize more revenue

ScriptSender, a leader in enabling secure, one-click interoperability between healthcare providers, today announced a partnership with Infinx Healthcare to solve two of the most labor-intensive issues in the radiology workflow: automation of the Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) compliance certificates and Prior Authorizations.

ScriptSender enables secure, instant integration with referring providers’ electronic medical records (EMRs). Any document, from any application and any medical group, can be sent to the imaging center with a single click. Infinx streamlines the prior authorization and CDSM workflow by leveraging automation and artificial intelligence (AI). When combined with ScriptSender’s ability to deliver digital data across platforms, the result is greater control over the revenue cycle—for both referrers and imaging providers.

The Infinx CDSM Solution is fully integrated with the Infinx Prior Authorization Software, and are both cloud-based solutions designed to preserve and increase revenue by streamlining the complete CDSM and prior authorization workflow while improving the overall patient experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Referring physicians use the ScriptSender print function to send HL7-formatted imaging orders and clinical notes directly into the RIS and Infinx.
  • Infinx verifies the patient’s insurance benefits, determines whether a prior authorization is needed or not, and initiates the process in real-time.
  • ScriptSender and Infinx use AI to determine exactly which data elements are required by the payor, and it sends that data to the payor or Radiology Benefits Manager for approval of the request.
  • Once approved, Infinx delivers the exam information to the scheduling team. A follow-up workflow ensures that appeals and incompletes are handled expeditiously.

Navaneeth Nair, VP of Products at Infinx said, “Healthcare is moving into automation and digitizing whenever and wherever possible—as it should. That’s the way to higher-quality patient care. Prior authorization has always been one of the most challenging issues in healthcare. It presents delays, and also the potential for scheduling confusion, patient abandonment, denials, a drain on staff resources, and unpredictable revenue problems. Cleaning up this workflow is crucial for an imaging provider and represents an opportunity to deliver strong value to its referring physicians. Teaming with ScriptSender gives us the ability to deliver a fast, secure, and automated prior authorization and CDSM workflow. That benefits everyone—patients, providers, and payors.”

“Traditionally, prior authorizations have been dependent upon human resources to pull data from imaging orders and clinical notes and then manually enter them into the RIS. Combining the ScriptSender and Infinx’s technologies fully automate the CDSM and prior authorization workflow into just a few simple clicks,” said Jim Burchfield, Senior VP of Sales and Business Development at ScriptSender. “In our partnership with Infinx, we’re combining interoperability, prior authorization, and CDSM into a competitive, value-based radiology service line. Imaging providers can demonstrate increased revenues, decreased costs, and improved patient care to their referring physicians.”

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