SEALSQ introduces SEALDATA Service

Pioneers the Future of IoT Data Monetization

SEALSQ Corp (Nasdaq: LAES) (“SEALSQ” or “Company”), a leader in semiconductor, PKI, and Post-Quantum technology, is proud to introduce SEALDATA, a revolutionary service designed to empower clients to monetize their Internet of Things (IoT) data through SEALCOIN, the innovative cryptocurrency expected to be available end Q2 2024. In an era where data is as valuable as gold, SEALDATA is set to transform how businesses and individuals realize the value of their data assets by leveraging the untapped potential of IoT data.

Monetizing IoT: A Gateway to New Revenue Streams

SEALDATA offers a groundbreaking approach to data monetization, particularly for IoT product owners who are looking to capitalize on the vast amounts of data generated by their devices. With the world increasingly connected through IoT, from wearable devices to smart vehicles, the potential for data collection and utilization is enormous. SEALDATA recognizes this potential and provides a platform for turning data into revenue.

The business model at the heart of SEALDATA focuses on marketing the insights derived from IoT data to interested third parties. This model encourages the widespread distribution of IoT products, potentially even free of charge, to amass valuable data sets that are attractive to these third parties. The dual benefit of this strategy is clear: it offers value to end-users of IoT products while simultaneously serving the needs of businesses seeking data-driven insights.

Real-World Applications and Benefits

Imagine cars equipped with sensors, collecting data on road conditions, traffic patterns, and weather. Through SEALDATA, this information can be sold to companies that rely on accurate, real-time data, such as logistic firms or weather forecasting services. This not only opens up a new revenue stream for car owners, but enhances the precision of services that impact our daily lives.

Similarly, weather services stand to benefit greatly from the influx of localized, detailed data provided by IoT devices through SEALDATA. In regions lacking extensive measurement infrastructure, data from IoT devices can significantly improve the accuracy of weather predictions, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and safety.

The commercialization of IoT medical data stands at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery. By leveraging the power of IoT devices and the insights derived from health data, the medical sector can achieve greater efficiencies, personalized care, and proactive health management. As technology continues to evolve, the potential to monetize IoT medical data will undoubtedly expand, driving forward a new era of healthcare innovation

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) play crucial roles in maximizing the commercial potential of IoT medical data. By analyzing vast datasets, healthcare stakeholders can identify patterns, predict health outcomes, and make informed decisions that improve patient care while also exploring new business models. For instance, predictive analytics can help in early detection of potential health issues, enabling preventative measures, and reducing the overall cost of care.

A Win-Win for All Parties Involved

SEALDATA creates a symbiotic ecosystem where data providers and consumers benefit mutually. IoT device owners can monetize their data through SEALCOIN, receiving tangible value for sharing their data. At the same time, data purchasers gain access to a wealth of information previously untapped, enabling them to refine their services and products, ultimately benefiting the end customer.

SEALSQ invites businesses, IoT device owners, and data enthusiasts to explore the possibilities with SEALDATA. Together, we can unlock the full potential of IoT data, creating a more connected, informed, and efficient world.

SEALSQ’s cybersecurity technology significantly mitigates concerns over data privacy and security in the healthcare sector, particularly with the integration of IoT devices. Through advanced encryption, anonymization of sensitive health data, and secure authentication protocols, SEALSQ ensures that patient information is protected against unauthorized access and breaches. Their solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing healthcare systems, promoting efficient and secure data flow. Additionally, compliance with regulatory standards is a cornerstone of SEALSQ’s approach, aligning their cybersecurity measures with the highest industry requirements. This comprehensive cybersecurity framework not only safeguards patient data but also facilitates the reliable and safe adoption of IoT technologies in healthcare.

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