Securiti’s compliance management to help comply with new regulations

Helping Enterprises Navigate Increasingly Complex AI and Data Regulations Through Compliance Automation and Education

Securiti, the pioneer of the Data Command Center, has announced an automated compliance management solution that will enable enterprises to efficiently navigate complex artificial intelligence (AI) and data regulations with ease. Traditionally, companies have relied on costly, error prone and time-consuming manual processes to remain data compliant. In addition, the rapid rise of AI has led to a variety of new regulations that organizations must embrace to safeguard their organizations. The new Securiti Compliance Management solution harnesses technology to reduce manual labor, automate compliance, and comply with the most recent AI regulations.

With most enterprises rapidly embracing AI models and applications, organizations can now leverage the Securiti Compliance Management solution to adhere with quickly evolving AI regulations and frameworks — including the recently passed European Union AI Act, the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and the Singapore Model AI Governance Framework. This solution helps businesses navigate complex overlapping regulations, reduce costs for compliance and streamline collaboration across organizational silos.

Streamlining Compliance Management

Securiti’s Compliance Management Platform offers a robust solution that automates compliance with global AI and data frameworks using common controls and tests. It equips organizations to:

  • Manage Compliance Projects: Customize projects to specific compliance initiatives, using project-level reports for monitoring.
  • Leverage Frameworks Library: Access a built-in library of compliance standards and regulations, customizable to unique needs.
  • Automate Compliance Tests: Employ a comprehensive library of predefined tests for multiple frameworks, with options for custom tests, that automatically evaluate compliance and populate Securiti’s Data Command Graph.
  • Incorporate Human Insights: Augment automated tests with targeted assessments for a thorough compliance evaluation.
  • Ask Securiti Copilot: Gain clarifications on regulatory requirements through natural language queries, powered by GenAI.
  • Remediate Compliance Violations: Identify and address compliance issues efficiently with targeted guidance, tracking and auto-remediation.
  • Report Compliance Status: Automatically generate customizable reports to keep stakeholders informed about the organization’s compliance posture.

The Compliance Management solution is part of the Securiti Data + AI Command Center, which provides customers with comprehensive contextual data intelligence and unified controls across their data landscape to address security, privacy, governance and compliance obligations. It ensures organizations can effectively meet the challenges of adhering to the latest AI and data regulations, automate the assessment and reporting of data+AI compliance, and provide a full view of compliance status.

Moreover, the Securiti Copilot alleviates the burden on compliance teams, facilitating a deeper understanding and application of regulations through AI-powered assistance.

“Data teams within an organization often work in isolation, unaware they’re duplicating efforts in establishing best practices for data and AI governance, which drains IT resources and hampers innovation,” said Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti. “Our holistic approach to automated compliance prepares organizations to succeed in compliant business initiatives with agility, efficiency, and specificity.”

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