Seekr Launches Independent Journalist Advisory Board

Training A.I. For Good: Panel of Seasoned Journalists is Helping Seekr Engineers Develop a Highly Refined Understanding of the Role Journalistic Standards Have on the Quality and Reliability of News

Seekr, a leading artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, today announced the launch of an independent Journalist Advisory Board. The Board, which comprises accomplished journalists with diverse experiences and areas of expertise, will play a critical role in helping to inform the technology. 

“At a time when readers are being inundated by a torrent of information – sometimes reliable, sometimes not – journalism standards are more important than ever,” said Richard Osborne, a member of Seekr’s Journalist Advisory Board. “This technology helps the average reader pierce through the clutter of false and misleading information and differentiate between high-quality journalism that is governed by standards, and news that is less than credible. As journalists, we believe we have a role in shaping this technology, and ultimately, our profession has a stake in its success.”

Seekr welcomes the Board’s collective expertise and counsel to gain a nuanced and textured understanding of journalistic standards – which is foundational to the technology’s ability to analyze news stories for quality and bias using natural language processing and machine learning.

The Board will also provide objective evaluation of the efficacy of Seekr’s technology. It will do this by conducting periodic manual evaluations of dozens of randomly selected news reports to determine whether – and to what extent – each individual report adheres to or departs from relevant journalistic standards. These human-conducted analyses will be compared to Seekr’s AI-generated evaluations to determine how well the technology performs.

Members of the advisory board include:

  • Christina Bellantoni: Director of USC Annenberg’s Media Center, and a former reporter, editor, producer, and analyst.
  • Shira Toeplitz Center: General manager for newsroom initiatives at Boston Globe Media Partners, and a former reporter, editor, and analyst.
  • Michael McCarter: Interim Editor in Chief at USA Today and its national network, previously Managing Editor of Standards, Ethics, and Inclusion at USA Today.
  • Richard Osborne: Veteran newspaper and magazine journalist who has been honored with dozens of regional, state, and national journalism awards.
  • Jeremy Peters: Correspondent for The New York Times who currently writes about the media and its intersection with politics, culture, and law.
  • Ray Suarez: Former correspondent and anchor at The PBS NewsHour and host of NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

“The Seekr platform is a transparent and objective content rating system applied in a uniform way, at a massive scale, across all news articles, in real time,” said Seekr founder and chief executive Pat Condo. “By applying principles of high-quality journalism in combination with the identification of bias, Seekr’s AI algorithmic scoring restores trust in high quality journalism while exposing reporting that is inauthentic.”

For more information on the advisory board and Seekr’s first-of-its-kind technology, visit

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