Cloud Security

Seemplicity Security’s technology partnership with Orca Security

Joint customers can now streamline risk reduction by automating the collection, consolidation and prioritization of security findings

Seemplicity Security, the first risk reduction and productivity platform for modern security teams, today announced a technology partnership with Orca Security to transform how organizations respond to and remediate cloud security risks and vulnerabilities. Through this partnership security, CloudOps and DevOps teams can accelerate response and remediation times, increase efficiency, and improve their cloud security posture with end-to-end workflow automation for critical AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud security risk findings.

“As cloud adoption continues to grow, security teams become increasingly inundated with findings, making managing effective, scalable cloud remediation operations a near-impossible task,” said Yoran Sirkis, CEO and co-founder, Seemplicity. “The challenges are compounded by ad-hoc processes, unclear remediation responsibilities, and difficulties in tracking and reporting progress, which ultimately lead to numerous cloud misconfigurations and other unresolved risks. Our API-level integration with The Orca Platform directly addresses these issues, offering customers a way to expedite their security remediation operations across cloud, code, and infrastructure.”

The combined capabilities of Orca Security’s cutting-edge cloud visibility and security platform and Seemplicity’s innovative approach to remediation operations management allows organizations to address a broader range of cloud security risks with greater speed and precision. This comprehensive solution offers unparalleled improvements to organizations’ cloud security postures, making it easier than ever to manage and mitigate security alerts in today’s fast-paced cloud environments.

Benefits of the Orca Security and Seemplicity integration include:

  • Accelerated time to remediation;
  • Increased security, ops and development efficiency;
  • Improved cross-team communication and collaboration.

“The continuous growth in cloud services is driving unprecedented demand for strong security measures that match the speed and agility of cloud computing,” said Raf Chiodo, CRO, Orca Security. “Security and DevOps teams must work in harmony to swiftly and accurately address cloud security alerts, a task that has traditionally been complex and time-consuming. The partnership between Orca and Seemplicity is a testament to our shared commitment to providing security and DevOps teams with the tools they need to succeed in the cloud era.”

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