Database Security

Senhasegura extends PAM Security to Database Management

Database Proxy delivers highest protection for popular databases such as Oracle PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server without sacrificing usability or performance

Senhasegura, a global provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions, today expanded its 360Privileged Platform capabilities with the launch of Database Proxy. Database Proxy seamlessly integrates Senhasegura’s PAM security controls with the industry’s most popular databases, helping database administrators (DBAs) manage data security, control, and compliance to better protect against costly data breaches.

Databases, with their vast quantities of sensitive data, are highly attractive targets for cyber attackers. In order to prevent malicious actors or disgruntled employees from stealing, editing, deleting or corrupting the database, the verification of each user’s identity and appropriate access privileges is essential. However, company databases are often used and managed by multiple groups within the organization, making it even more difficult for database administrators to effectively secure and manage proper access.

Senhasegura’s new Database Proxy empowers DBAs with granular control over user and group access, safeguarding their company’s valuable data. Database Proxy intercepts every query or user action, making sure that every action is authorized and monitored. It offers the ability to execute specific actions based on the command, such as blocking execution or dropping the session. Database Proxy lets DBAs track and audit user activities, detect potential violations, and take proactive measures to uphold compliance standards.

Senhasegura is the first and only PAM vendor to introduce command filtering capabilities tailored specifically for the most popular Oracle databases, making Database Proxy the preferred choice for organizations heavily reliant on Oracle systems. This specialization underscores the company’s commitment to providing targeted and efficient database security solutions for the industry’s most popular database environments.

Senhasegura’s Database Proxy also makes it easy for database developers to interact directly with their preferred database client while leveraging the advanced security controls already offered by Senhasegura’s PAM Core. Unlike competitive approaches, users do not need to initiate a remote session. Users benefit from automatic and transparent protection without sacrificing usability or performance.

According to Marcus Scharra, CEO of Senhasegura, “Senhasegura has always been committed to simplifying the user experience while providing the most granular protection across an organization. Senhasegura’s new Database Proxy leverages all of the security controls already offered by Senhasegura’s PAM Core, extending fine-grained control over database management in a way that’s transparent, easy to manage and with no effect on performance.”

Key features of Senhasegura’s Database Proxy include:

  • Command block: Every query is intercepted, and actions can be executed based on the command, such as blocking execution or dropping the session. This can be configured by criteria such as users, time-frames, and various other filters based on business needs.
  • Unmatched Auditing: All activity performed through Database Proxy is logged for auditing purposes, ensuring complete transparency.
  • Notification: Real-time event notifications can be activated to ensure that DBAs are instantaneously informed about high risk activities, ensuring immediate response to potential threats or anomalies.
  • Powerful Integrations: Senhasegura’s Database Proxy supports a wide range of database clients, including Oracle PostgreSQL and, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB in 1H 24, and MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Amazon Redshift, Google Cloud SQL and Azure Database by the end of the year.
  • Approval Workflow for Blocked Commands: Approval workflow allows controlled execution of a blocked command.
  • Restriction of Editing Capabilities: allows access to data tables without editing privileges, to preserve the integrity of the database.

Detailed product information can be found at Database Proxy.

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