Sensiva Health partners with PointClickCare on The PCC Marketplace

Sensiva Health has partnered with PointClickCare and has completed a full integration on the PCC Marketplace.

Today, Sensiva Health, which owns and operates a state-of-the-art molecular laboratory and ISO certified diagnostics manufacturing facility, announced their partnership with PointClickCare and has completed a full integration on the PCC marketplace. With this in place, PCC users across the country can now connect directly to their laboratory and view patient results in real-time, directly in the PointClickCare EHR.

Of the company’s most recent success, Ben Williamson, the Chief Operating Officer, Sensiva Health said, “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with PointClickCare and look forward to watching the PCC marketplace evolve moving forward. PointClickCare has created incredible value for all its users in the space, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

He also added that “If you are on PCC and are looking for a laboratory partner that uses technology to drive better patient outcomes, I would be delighted to improve your PCR, antibiotic resistance, and overall diagnostic experience. Accurate diagnostics are only the tip of the iceberg within our ‘outcomes first’ workflow. Patient care, precise treatment, and better outcomes are everything.”

Furthermore, Ben Williamson stated on his LinkedIn page, “We are licensed in all 50 states, in network with most majors with 24-hour results. Additionally, we manufacture all of our own diagnostic kits in-house at an FDA-registered and ISO-certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maple Grove, MN.” He emphasized that the company’s mantra which says “It’s not a sample, it’s a patient,” rings true and loud throughout their facilities and team members across the country.

The features and benefits of this PointClickCare integration, called PatientSync, include:

  • The result of any diagnostic test appears directly in the patient’s or resident’s chart; hence, with PatientSync, users have easy access and only use one screen.
  • This integration shares and syncs residents’ information securely in real-time, so there won’t be any mix-ups in relation to demographic data, billing, or insurance information.
  • There is accurate delivery of both laboratory results and ‘Sensiva Standard’ PharmD Overreads and Antibiotic resistance reports directly into the PointClickCare EHR.

Sensiva Health is a cutting-edge clinical testing and technology-driven healthcare solution company that provides the science, technology, and infrastructure to power large-scale health initiatives, from advanced molecular infectious disease diagnostics to high-throughput and high-velocity RT-PCR testing, for their clients and people around the world. Their headquarters and their Cormeum laboratory services are based in St. Rose, LA, while Sensiva Health Manufacturing is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Sensiva Client Services is in Charleston, South Carolina, and Sensiva Health Sales & Marketing is in Naples, Florida.

During COVID-19, national healthcare providers and Louisiana oil producers opted for the Sensiva Health COVID-19 test with 12–24-hour results. They are in strong partnership with UPS and include PharmD / Antibiotic Resistance Standard on all targets.

PointClickCare is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software that 80% of all the nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in the USA use. It is essentially an app store that directly integrates with various software solutions for all PCC users to seamlessly install and immediately utilize to improve their practice. To learn more about PointClickCare, please visit their website.

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