Sensorum Health strategically partners with Intermountain Health

Partnership to prevent avoidable hospitalizations through early detection and primary care-led interventions with Sensorum Health’s innovative platform.

Sensorum Health, an innovative health technology and services company that provides advanced remote monitoring technology and integrated clinical staff, has entered into a strategic partnership with Intermountain Health, a leading health system, to improve health outcomes and primary care access to older adults living independently with multiple chronic conditions.

The partnership combines Intermountain’s leadership in clinical quality improvement, excellence in healthcare delivery and focus on patient-centered care with Sensorum Health’s solution that remotely detects the earliest signs of emergent health issues and enables primary care-led clinical interventions.

“Older adults with multiple chronic conditions are almost four times more likely to go to the hospital for avoidable reasons compared to adults with only one chronic condition.1 Many of these folks struggle to manage their health and have limited access to on-demand care outside of an emergency room due to their complex medical needs,” said Andrew Hotchkiss, CEO and Co-Founder, Sensorum Health.

“Additionally, their providers may lack actionable data to intervene before patients’ symptoms progress to the point where they call 911 and end up in the hospital. Our solution integrates novel remote monitoring technology with specially-trained clinical staff to identify the earliest signs of emerging health issues and triage patients to their primary care doctors for treatment. Sensorum Health is excited to be partnering with Intermountain Health to transform the primary care experience for patients and their providers.”

Intermountain’s goal for the partnership is to improve health outcomes for patients by preventing unnecessary hospitalizations stemming from chronic disease exacerbations and other common conditions that can be appropriately treated at home or in a doctor’s office if caught early enough.

The initial pilot project will target value-based care patients enrolled in the Castell Health Salt Lake Valley “House Calls” program and are primarily homebound with conditions such as congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Whitepapers with the program results will be published in late 2024.

Sensorum Health clinical staff will work collaboratively with Intermountain Health clinical staff to detect early signs of emergent health issues and develop clinical intervention pathways tailored to each patient’s unique care journey.

“Intermountain is focused on helping patients live the healthiest lives possible, but for patients with chronic disease, this becomes challenging. Frequent hospital visits can be very stressful for patients and families, may contribute to functional decline, and are extremely burdensome to the healthcare system,” said Dr. Nathan Starr, DO, internal medicine physician and medical director for Intermountain Health’s tele-hospitalist program and home services for Intermountain’s population health entity Castell.

“Many patients prefer to be at home instead of the hospital. Sensorum offers a novel way to identify patients who are declining or getting sicker, often even before the patient realizes it. This enables us to follow up with the appropriate level of care and keep it with a central care team, before a patient’s condition deteriorates and they need to seek emergency care. Sensorum does this without requiring older adults to adopt unfamiliar technology or disrupt their routine. We’re excited to partner with Sensorum to learn how this strategy can empower our doctors with actionable data to provide better proactive and preventive care to their patients,” he added.

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