SEQSTER launches CoRD™ data refinery platform

Eliminate data silos and streamline workflows to improve operational efficiency

Seqster PDM, Inc. (“SEQSTER”) , the industry leading patient-centric healthcare technology company, proudly unveils its cutting-edge Connected Research and Development data refinery platform — a revolutionary solution designed to seamlessly integrate siloed EHR, genomic, and device data in diverse formats. This innovative tool parses, standardizes, and transforms data into a clean, common form, eliminating barriers to comprehensive healthcare insights.

In the healthcare industry, the disjointed nature of data silos has long been a barrier to effective patient care and impeded progress in clinical research. Recognizing this critical issue, SEQSTER introduces a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly bridges data silos, enabling streamlined data sharing across a spectrum of healthcare use cases. By providing a comprehensive view of health data, SEQSTER aims to accelerate the pace of healthcare innovation and improve confidence in critical decision-making processes.

“The pharmaceutical industry has spoken, and we’ve listened. Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of SEQSTER CoRD, a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize the way pharma companies manage and utilize their R&D data,” said Ardy Arianpour, CEO and co-founder of SEQSTER. “This innovative tool directly addresses the industry’s critical challenge of unlocking the vast potential of its diverse and often fragmented data landscape. By seamlessly integrating clinical trials, genomics, remote patient monitoring, and other valuable sources, the CoRD creates a unified, standardized knowledge base. This empowers researchers with unparalleled insights and AI-driven analytics.”

Key Features of the SEQSTER CoRD:

1. Data Integration Across Dimensions: CoRD seamlessly integrates genotypic and phenotypic data, combining DNA, RNA, protein, metabolite, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, clinical trials, and RWE into a unified platform.

2. Target Discovery: Understand relationships between diseases, targets, and drugs, establish biomarkers, and generate data and models crucial for accelerating healthcare innovation.

3. Drug Discovery: Repurpose existing drugs, generate novel drug candidates, and validate and optimize drug candidates using cutting-edge drug design technology.

4. Drug Development: Design and run pre-clinical experiments, clinical trials, recruit for clinical trials, and optimize for efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Post-Approval: Publish evidence and demonstrate real-world effectiveness post-approval, contributing to the ongoing evolution of healthcare science.

SEQSTER’s CoRD is designed to serve as a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and healthcare professionals looking to streamline and enhance their research and development efforts.

For more information about SEQSTER and CoRD, visit SEQSTER’s website to learn more or request a demo.

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