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Sheba Medical Center Inaugurates ADAMS Center with MDClone Platform

New model empowering staff to lead data-driven performance improvement throughout Israel’s largest hospital

MDClone, a leading data analytics and synthetic data company, announced the first ADAMS Center, which was launched at Sheba Medical Center in Israel. The ADAMS Center is a reimagined quality and performance improvement model to drive clinical and operational transformation.

Located virtually and physically on the Sheba Medical Center Campus, the ADAMS Center acts as the hub of data-driven activity, working to improve care delivery, access to care, and the cost of care for the more than 1.6 million annual patient visits.

By empowering clinical teams to rapidly interact with data, and supporting their work with dedicated resources, the ADAMS Center has dramatically increased the volume and value of projects. Dozens of performance and quality improvement projects have been launched and are delivering improved patient outcomes and lowering system costs.

Clinician engagement is a key pillar of the ADAMS Center, which was designed to enable health systems like Sheba to leverage the mostly unused, vast amount of data it manages – decades of rich information that holds the key to better system performance.

Sheba Medical Center Chief Transformation and Chief Innovation Officer Professor Eyal Zimlichman recognized both the challenges and opportunities facing Sheba’s future, stating, “We have one of the most comprehensive data assets in the world, yet too few of our decisions are data-driven. With ADAMS Center, we set out to change that by leveraging our data and our best asset – our people – and what we are seeing tells me and our entire team that we are on a unique path globally, finding ways to improve in every corner of the hospital.”

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center added, “What our new ADAMS Center has demonstrated is the way a technology can profoundly change an organization’s culture. The ability for any health system to achieve excellence is rooted in what we’re seeing today.”

Sheba’s data is made available to clinical teams through the ADAMS Center via the MDClone Platform, which organizes a wide range of clinical and operational information into one system. Data can be explored by technical experts and clinically oriented staff, including physicians, nurses and department administration. The information inside ADAMS includes both structured and unstructured information which has been curated via MDClone NLP technology to enable users to ask and answer questions ranging from outcome measures within a chronic disease clinic to identifying patient flow bottlenecks within a department to the effect of sedation protocol in evaluating the guidelines of inpatient observation.

By engaging clinical teams on data from their own patients, the staff is able to create new practices that deliver higher quality care and manage costs. “In a short period of time, the ADAMS Center has already highlighted numerous opportunities for improvement, enabled meaningful action in several of them, and inspired colleagues to be more curious about activity throughout the hospital,” said Dr. Ronen Loebstein, Head, Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Director of the ADAMS Center at Sheba Medical Center.

The ADAMS methodology reflects the journey from a question to insights, an intervention, understanding impact, and ultimately to disseminating the knowledge within the hospital and potentially outside of it as well with peers across the globe.

That framework, according to MDClone Founder and CEO Ziv Ofek, works best when technology, people and processes are aligned. He revealed, “What we see at Sheba is the story of what happens when high-performing technology meets high-performing teams. The explosion of activity in the ADAMS Center within such a short amount of time excites me as the CEO of MDClone, but mostly excites me as a person who at some point, like everyone in the world, receives care. Hearing physicians talk about the way they have already changed the way they care for patients, and the dozens and dozens of more ideas that are already in the works, is why we’re here.”

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