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SHOPFEVER –Integrated Solution to Tap into Ecommerce Platforms

Overseas Natural Beauty Brands Shines A Spotlight in the China Market

Mobfever, a leading service provider of one-stop China marketing solutions and on list distributor of Bytedance, announced the launch of its new e-commence solution, SHOPFEVER.

SHOPFEVER provides a comprehensive e-Commerce service for foreign internationals brands, allowing seamless integration into the Chinese market. SHOPFEVER owns and operates the most influential and popular e-commerce platforms in China, such as Taobao, Douyin, T-mall, and XiaoHongShu.

The Solution to Breaking into the China Market
 is the cost-effective way to entry Chinese market, it’s 90% less than the normal. China represents a huge potential for foreign companies yet until now, the market is extremely challenging to penetrate. This is due to the stringent legal requirements, cultural barriers, complex logistical arrangements, sales and distribution management models as well as language barrier.

Our Wealth of Knowledge in China Marketing
 prides itself in providing exceptional services to their clients. From content creation, to marketing and from logistical solutions to customer service satisfaction, the team of leading marketing experts have an extensive wealth of knowledge required to address and fulfil the expectations of the Chinese Market.

Innovative Marketing Solutions
 provides customised solutions for the client to adopt their brand’s eCommerce design and ideology for the Chinese market, propelling the brand into the right direction for success in China.

SHOPFEVER not only increases brand awareness via KOL marketing strategies, the Company also utilises live-streaming on social media platforms to engage with customers, promote products as well as direct potential customers to official eCommerce platforms (ie T-mall, Douyin,etc). It is without a doubt that SHOPFEVER can assist its clients to boost their sales exponentially in the China market.

Our Target Customers
targets SME green cosmetic brands and brand agents that have yet to enter the China market. Recent research conducted by iiMedia revealed that the sales of fashion and cosmetic goods in the e-commerce retail sector in China is worth approximately US$303.8 Billion. It can be concluded that foreign natural beauty brands have a great potential in the China’s eCommerce market.

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