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simMachines’ New Platform Offers Dashboard to Location-based Brands

simMachines, Inc. (, the leader in Explainable AI / Machine Learning (XAI) applications, announced today the general availability of personifyAI, a subscription solution for location-based brands to remove the expensive and laborious effort needed to harness the benefits of location-based data. personifyAI leverages sophisticated AI and machine learning to quickly and easily develop meaningful audience segments from location-based data and monitor their performance over time. Armed with these insights, marketers can identify, understand, and activate the customer segments that are most likely to visit the brand’s locations.

“Brands with physical locations already know the value of location-based data to understand customer traffic patterns in order to better understand and engage them,” said Robert Zieserl, CEO of simMachines. “With personifyAI, marketers now have a complete, AI-generated, custom segmentation solution to easily apply location-based data insights across the marketing campaign lifecycle. This is all brought together in a beautiful, intuitive dashboard so that marketers can spend more time harnessing the benefits—rather than dragged down by the analysis—of location-based data.”

personifyAI by simMachines’ brings a new approach for leveraging location-based data that avoids the two key problems that marketers face today: Customer data privacy and the complex, expensive, and cumbersome processing of the raw dataset before it can be used by practitioners. By delivering location-based data processed and split into meaningful, objective-driven segments, personifyAI unlocks the true potential for powerful marketing use cases.

“Before today, marketers had two choices: Building or buying their location-based data program,” says Mark Ailsworth, Chief Growth Officer of simMachines. “Building your own location data practice offers the flexibility for multiple use cases, but the downside is that your team does all of the heavy lifting. And buying location data already processed from vendors might be turnkey, but you only get a small slice of the potential that this dataset has for your business. personifyAI is the new option which gives marketers the best of both worlds: the ease of using it by buying it with the flexibility to process it for any use case you can imagine.”

AI-driven segmentation has become the industry standard, but with simMachines’ proprietary Explainable AI (XAI), personifyAI breaks open the black box normally associated with machine learning. Location-based marketers can actually see what data features drove the segments themselves. Transparency always yields better insights, and better insights drive better media planning, creative design, and overall campaign effectiveness. For example, a national casual dining chain wanted to better understand how to drive their lunchtime business, which they suspected was a very different crowd demographically than their evening and nighttime guests. personifyAI showed them that one of the most reliable and high-frequency lunch-going segments was construction workers working job sites within a half-mile radius of their store locations. That’s why Explainable AI matters.

Segmentation is also a powerful tool for using location data while protecting customers’ data privacy. simMachines’ ensures that individual customer identities can never be revealed by pooling visitors with similar key attributes.

Using personifyAI, marketers don’t need to be dragged down with the processing of raw location-based data, but rather can immediately:

  • Gain a better understanding of their location visitors via meaningful audience segments
  • Build competitive intel on who is visiting their locations and what other businesses they visit before/after visiting their locations
  • Plan media based on location-based insights
  • Target ads via location-based audience segments via personifyAI’s integrations with popular media buying platforms
  • Measure what program elements are and aren’t working to drive customer foot-traffic and sales to each unique location
  • Optimize media based on location-based measurement metrics on each segment
  • Use it for strategic market research, such as where to build the next store

“The true value of location-based data is how it can be combined with other datasets, such as a brand’s customer or loyalty data.” said Dave Jakopac, Chief Customer Officer of simMachines. “personifyAI is a turnkey, complete solution for marketers to layer in location-based data to their other proprietary or third-party data to create a unique, strategic asset that can be used across the marketing campaign lifecycle.”

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