Simon Berg sits at the Forefront of Creativity + Innovation

Berg’s launch of AI prong Gemma proves AI and Creativity go Hand in Hand

Simon Berg, founder and CEO of Ceros, is a British entrepreneur and thought leader in AI and creativity, and recently announced the implementation and creation of the AI arm of his company – Gemma. 

For some background on the brand, Ceros is an AI-powered content creation platform that empowers marketers, designers, and brands to create interactive content and digital experiences. Ceros has grown to hundreds of thousands of users and 1000+ customers, including Red Bull, Conde Nast, and Universal. The brand likens itself to a user-friendly content studio that allows businesses to easily create everything from microsites and pitch decks, to product demos, landing pages, and reports that are eye-catching, highly creative, and go against the grain. Industries from B2Btech to healthcare and financial services, to retail and hospitality can benefit from using Ceros to fit their creative business needs, amplifying their ROI and “getting shit done.” 

So who is the man who started it all? After he dropped out of school at just 16-years-old, Simon began working for a creative production agency and became a master of craft across both print and digital, which served as a catalyst for his 20-year, ladder-climbing journey to CEO of the same agency: FMG (Now BORN). As CEO, Simon led the charge to sell the agency in order to build and grow Ceros, a technology platform he incubated while at FMG. Since founding Ceros in 2012, Simon has raised over $100M in funding from leading funds like Sumeru Equity Partners, Greycroft Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz with the mission of unlocking creativity through technology. 

With over 30 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industries, Berg is a creatively obsessed entrepreneur who rebuffs the stigmas of what a CEO “should be” and provides a humanness in all that he does – and is refreshingly transparent in his leadership. A family man and spicy margarita enthusiast, he lives in Connecticut with his wife Doville, two kids Lucas and Olivia, and their dogs Benji and Chewbacca. 

When the movement towards AI and the curiosity for it began to swell, Simon did what he did best, and embraced the movement to create Gemma in late 2023, THE AI-powered creative assistant. Simon transformed his organization with the strategic decision to embrace AI and its newfound place in the business world, and is actively working to bust the stigma that AI should be something to fear, rather than a helpful, and sometimes life changing tool. While there are many AI assistants, Gemma is the most human AI assistant — inspiring and empowering people to think outside the box. Gemma also works alongside the Ceros Creative suite of tools Studio, Editor, and MarkUp. 

For more information on Simon, Ceros, Gemma, and his ongoing endeavors (and to stay up-to-date on his soon-to-launch podcast) visit:, or follow Simon on Instagram @simonbergsays. 

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