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Simplifi IoT Endpoints Monitoring Partners with Copaco/VOX Paraguay

Simplifi, a leading Advanced Communications provider in the U.S. and Latin America, and Copaco/VOX, the dominant Internet and Telecommunications Provider in Paraguay, are joining forces to drive Digital Transformation in Paraguay with Simplifi’s technology solutions. These products include Simplifi’s flag-ship router, Simplifi Connect, a Plug & Play Enterprise-Grade LTE router, Simplifi Lines, a world-class Cloud-based PBX solution, and Simplifi Control, which allows users to monitor and manage IoT endpoints at scale efficiently. All products are accessible through the SimplifiCloud dashboard and require minimal or no technical skill to deploy, implement, and use.

Complexity, cost of adoption, and cost of maintenance are significant hurdles organizations face when attempting digital transformation. Fundamentally, businesses don’t upgrade tools and services that can help because the products appear too complicated to use, too expensive to adopt, and impossible to maintain. This hesitation is real, especially in Latin America, where technology upgrades may include users who, for the first time, have reliable access to high-speed internet.  

Simplifi has been a leading technology provider in Latin America for several years and a major partner in Mexico’s digital transformation through Mexico Conectado, now the Internet Para Todos initiative. Simplifi accomplished this by making products that are powerful, easy to use, and remotely managed. During the COVID-19 Crisis, Simplifi’s approach to making enterprise-grade tools simple has led to similar results in the US helping organizations seamlessly and safely work from a home environment. In Paraguay, Simplifi will help Copaco/VOX’s customers leap forward technologically – no matter the end users’ level of skill or location, Copaco/VOX’s customers, will be at the cutting edge.

According to Copaco/VOX’s President, Sante Vallese, “We worked hard to find the right partners to transform Paraguay and give our customers the best value, product experience, and the power to compete in a digitally powered world. As soon as I heard the presentation from the Simplifi Team, I knew that this was a technology that will help VOX and Copaco to be at the forefront of Telecommunication and IoT fields. Together we will contribute significantly to the Digital Strategy for the country of Paraguay.”

“The Simplifi Team is extremely proud and excited that Copaco/VOX chose us to be their partner in their digital strategy,” says Nick Shevillo, CEO at Simplifi. “Together with Copaco/VOX, we will transform the country of Paraguay through technology.”

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