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Smart Meter RPM Devices to be Featured at HIMSS

Smart Meter to Launch High Performance Cellular iBloodPressure 2.0™ Assembled in the USA. Smart Meter’s Cellular Products to be Showcased at AT&T Booth

What’s the news?  Smart Meter, a leader in cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices and services will unveil its new iBloodPressure 2.0™ developed jointly with A&D Medical at HIMSS March 14 to 18, 2022 in Orlando. AT&T will simultaneously feature all of Smart Meter’s health monitors on its Healthcare Tech Innovation Wall, an interactive display of cellular-enabled devices.

iBloodPressure 2.0 is the only blood pressure monitor assembled in the USA with AT&T 4/5G LTE cellular and enhanced CAT-M for secure, dependable, real-time data transmission from patient to physician. The iBloodPressure 2.0 contains an AT&T IoT SIM card, so the device automatically sends a patient’s data over the AT&T IoT network to the SmartRPM™ cloud. The healthcare provider then accesses the data there via secure log-in. The iBloodPressure 2.0 was designed together with A&D Medical, known for their high-quality medical devices that are clinically validated for accuracy.

iBloodPresssure 2.0 joins the Smart Meter suite of products utilizing the secure and broad-reaching AT&T IoT cellular network including iGlucose®, iScale™, iPluseOx™ and the SmartRPM™ cloud. All Smart Meter devices transmit data upon the first use without the need for training, syncing, apps, Wi-Fi, internet, or smartphones. 

Why is this important? Hypertension can lead to two of the biggest killers in this country – heart disease and stroke – and consequently home blood pressure monitoring is recommended by major guidelines and reliable home blood pressure monitors are often requested by physicians for RPM programs.

What are the benefits? Studies show remote patient monitoring can contribute to clinically significant improvements in blood pressure.1 Over a 12-week period, 88% of critical stage II hypertensive patients using iBloodPressure™ as part of RPM programs experienced reductions in blood pressure.2

What people are saying

“We listened to our customers who wanted accuracy and precision in both the quality of the readings, as well as the data transmission, and iBloodPressure 2.0 delivers on both counts, resulting in improved care and complete RPM billing data.” Said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. “Our co-development partner A&D Medical is perhaps the world’s highest quality blood pressure manufacturer, which, when combined with the reliability of AT&T IoT Connectivity means iBloodPressure 2.0 is poised to become a leading RPM product,” Casey added.

“Providing connectivity for solutions that give easy access to improved healthcare is what we’re about,” said Joe Drygas, VP of AT&T Healthcare Solutions. “Our collaboration with Smart Meter is another example of how AT&T IoT connectivity is advancing connected healthcare.”

“The collaboration between A&D Medical, Smart Meter and AT&T brings advanced healthcare to a broader population with a best-in-class solution improving reliability, connectivity and accuracy of remote patient monitoring,” said Greg Lillegard, COO for A&D Medical.

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