SMART Modular Technologies Announces Next Generation of ME2 Flash

DuraFlash ME2

New DuraFlash ME2 product portfolio leverages latest NAND-technology devices to deliver higher capacity drives with optimized performance and enhanced endurance

SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. (“SMART”), a division of SGH (Nasdaq: SGH) and a global leader in memory solutions, solid-state drive (SSD) and hybrid storage products announces the next generation of its DuraFlash ME2 family of SATA SSD products, which includes industry-standard M.2 2242, M.2 2280, mSATA, Slim SATA and 2.5” form factors. These SSDs are available in both industrial and commercial temperature grades and have versions that implement SMART’s SafeDATA power-loss, data-protection technology for graceful handling of power fluctuations and sudden power loss events.

The new ME2 SSDs incorporate the latest generation 3D NAND-technology and SMART Modular’s proprietary NVMSentry firmware to deliver high performance SSD products with endurance up to one drive writes per day (DWPD) for five years using JEDEC JESD219A enterprise endurance workload. The new NAND device offers better cost per bit over previous 64-layer and 96-layer NAND generations without sacrificing performance and reliability.

Further optimization of the NVMSentry firmware also yields enhancements in read and write consistency over wide ranges of application workloads. High performance computing, data centers, networking, cloud systems and many other applications that demand high reliability and consistency over long operating lifetime can benefit from the new ME2 SSD products.

Victor Tsai, director of Flash products at SMART Modular, explains, “We are constantly looking to leverage improvements in NAND technologies to offer state-of-the-art memory solutions for our customers. We work in partnership with them to deliver denser, faster, cost-optimized storage solutions to meet their ever-evolving needs in performance and endurance requirements. Our NVMSentry firmware and SafeDATA technology provide the best in class performance consistency and protection of data when power supplies to the system are unreliable and suffer from brown outs and outages.”

ME2 SSD products are available in the following standard form factors, capacities, temperature grades, and available with the SafeDATA feature. SMART can also custom-build SSDs to address specific needs.

Form FactorCapacitiesTemperature GradeSafeDATA Technology Version
M.2 2242240GB – 960GBIndustrial and CommercialNo
M.2 2280240GB – 1920GBIndustrial and CommercialYes
MO-297 slim SATA240GB – 1920GBIndustrial and CommercialNo
mSATA (MO-300)240GB – 1920GBIndustrial and CommercialNo
2.5”240GB – 1920GBIndustrial and CommercialYes

For more information on SMART’s new ME2 SSDs, visit the product page at

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