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Solvo recognised in a coverage initiation report by 451 Research

Solvo, a leading provider of adaptive cloud infrastructure security solutions, recently gained recognition in a coverage initiation report by 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. The report, titled “Solvo tackles CNAPP with adaptive cloud security and deep application analysis,” dives into Solvo’s cloud security platform, highlighting its unique adaptive remediation capabilities as a key differentiator.

In the report, Garrett Bekker, a Principal Research Analyst in the Information Security Channel at 451 Research, analyzes Solvo’s platform, which integrates features of both CSPM and CIEM solutions along with patented application analysis, and data security capabilities, into a broader CNAPP (cloud-native application protection platform) offering.

The report notes that in contrast to other cloud security products, which provide guided instructions to follow, Solvo provides actual code fixes that address infrastructure configuration for each unique security issue. Based on these capabilities, Solvo’s platform allows for the application of least-privilege access policies and secure configuration to cloud-native applications.

According to the report, “dealing with configurations, identities and permissions are top pain points for cloud security. As such, enterprises now devote roughly one-third of their overall security budgets to cloud security.”

“Given the vast size and complexity of cloud infrastructures, and their dynamic nature, it is becoming challenging to monitor changes, assess risks, and establish access policies and permissions accordingly,” adds Shira Shamban, Solvo’s CEO and Co-Founder. “To regain visibility and control over increasingly complex sets of access permissions, customers seek to minimize the need for constant policy updates. Ideally, this can be achieved by automating the tasks of identifying and mitigating access risks in the cloud based on their level of severity.”

Solvo addresses this challenge by enabling customers to easily detect, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations based on the analysis of contextual, dynamic risk factors across cloud infrastructure, applications, data, and users. By prioritizing risks and automating policy creation and enforcement, Solvo reduces the burden on security teams, allowing them to focus on and quickly respond to the most pressing threats.

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