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Solvo unveils Cutting-Edge CDR Product to Combat Cloud Threats

Solvo, a leader in cloud security solutions, announces the launch of its innovative Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product. Designed to address the escalating threat landscape of cloud environments, Solvo’s CDR offers unparalleled capabilities in detecting and responding to security incidents, ensuring organizations can safeguard their critical assets with confidence.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, Identity and Access Management (IAM) plays a crucial role in protecting both human and non-human identities. Recent trends indicate a concerning rise in identity-related security incidents, including unauthorized access and sophisticated identity theft schemes used for attacks like data theft and account takeover. According to Gartner®, “Through 2026, 40% of identity and access management (IAM) leaders will take over the primary responsibility for detecting and responding to IAM-related breaches.” However, many struggle to communicate the security and business value of their initiatives effectively. This underscores the urgent need for organizations to prioritize swift and effective detection and response measures to mitigate risks and build trust among stakeholders and customers.

Looking ahead Gartner® predicts that “by 2027, 70% of organizations will combine data loss prevention and insider risk management disciplines with IAM context to identify suspicious behavior more effectively”. This trend reflects a shift towards consolidated controls, promising a more comprehensive approach to security.

Solvo’s CDR product takes a comprehensive approach to addressing challenges. By integrating insights into identities, data, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, it simplifies risk understanding and impact assessment. Particularly strong in managing identities within cloud infrastructure, Solvo’s CDR encompasses specific ITDR capabilities. Through intelligent correlation of identity-related activities with contextual data, it offers unparalleled visibility into cloud identity risks. Customized remediation further boosts the product’s effectiveness, empowering organizations to proactively handle security incidents in real-time. Leveraging advanced detection algorithms and automated response mechanisms, Solvo’s CDR swiftly mitigates threats, reducing business disruption and potential damage.

“With the increasing complexity and sophistication of cyber threats targeting cloud environments, organizations require advanced security solutions that can adapt and respond to evolving threats,” said Shira Shamban, CEO at Solvo. “Our new Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product is designed to empower organizations with the capabilities needed to proactively detect and respond to security incidents in real-time, ensuring the protection of critical assets and data.”

Solvo’s Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) product is now available for organizations seeking to enhance their cloud security posture and defend against emerging threats. For more information about Solvo’s CDR product, visit

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