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SOOS Partnership with RKVST Makes it Easier to Create & Share SBOMs


Today, SOOS announced a new partnership with RKVST to simplify the creation and distribution of software bills of materials (SBOMs). Now developers using SOOS to generate their SBOMs can publish them directly to the RKVST platform, making it easier than ever to share the provenance of their software with business and compliance teams.

An SBOM is a powerful cybersecurity tool that provides an inventory of software components, creating essential visibility into the software supply chain. By using SOOS’s SCA tool, developers can easily create and export an SPDX standard SBOM.

But it’s not enough to simply create an SBOM, that information needs to be easily accessible to all security and compliance stakeholders. That’s where RKVST comes in. RKVST serves as a repository for SBOMs, allowing tailored visibility, privacy control, and bringing the transparency needed for zero trust.

This announcement comes on the heels of two other partnerships for SOOS in recent weeks, including DigitalOcean and CircleCI.

“We see partnership as a critical path to expanding our reach and fulfilling our mission to make software safer for everyone,”  said Becca Newton, SOOS’s V.P. of Business Development. “By integrating with RKVST, we are simplifying the security process for developers and improving transparency for security and compliance teams. Every step of the way, we are focused on breaking down more barriers.”

“SOOS makes it easy for developers to set and forget SBOM creation and distribution,” said Rob Brown, VP Business Development at RKVST. “The success of SBOMs rests on enabling software suppliers and consumers to each use their preferred tools and distribute SBOMs through APIs. RKVST delivers that capability.”

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