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Spin.AI, Perception Point to Reduce Browser Extension Risk for Customers

Integration of Spin.AI’s Browser Extension Risk Assessment technology allows Perception Point customers to quickly assess risks of extensions across Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Spin.AI, a leading SaaS security company dedicated to safeguarding enterprises against security risks, today announced a collaboration with Perception Point to incorporate Spin.AI Browser Extension Risk Assessment within the Perception Point Advanced Browser Security solution. The complementary feature provides administrators unparalleled insight into browser extensions detected within the Perception Point solution, enabling SecOps teams to more effectively identify and mitigate business and security threats to their browsers and SaaS data.

Current market dynamics show organizations facing challenges in monitoring the risks tied to third-party browser extensions and applications. A revealing study from Spin.AI indicated that 75% of SaaS applications present a high or moderate risk to businesses.

“The browser is the most used application in the enterprise and is a growing target for attackers who utilize malicious websites and extensions to breach organizations,” said Tal Zamir, CTO, Perception Point. “ As users increasingly adopt browser extensions, ranging from ad-blockers to application enhancements, to enrich their productivity, there is a growing security risk. Malicious extensions can capture passwords, track users’ online activities, and inject malicious code into legitimate websites. Furthermore, even legitimate extensions can introduce security vulnerabilities or request permissions that clash with organizational policies. It’s essential for security teams to strengthen their web browser security and to have visibility and control of extension usage to uphold security standards.”

“From unpatched vulnerabilities to non-compliance, and requests for sensitive scopes, multiple aspects can escalate an extension’s risk profile,” said Davit Asatryan, VP of Product, Spin.AI. “With most entities relying on occasional manual risk evaluations, the security risks posed by these extensions are expanding. This partnership aims to mitigate the risks associated with browser extensions for administrators and SecOps teams using Perception Point Advanced Browser Security to secure enterprise browsing on managed and unmanaged devices.”

Perception Point’s Advanced Browser Security integrates AI-powered phishing and malware detection, data loss prevention measures, and browser governance and visibility. The solution combines Perception Point’s patented multi-layered detection technology to detect and prevent the most sophisticated web and browser-based threats with an all-included managed 24X7 incident response service to reduce SOC team resources

Spin.AI’s risk assessment tool uses machine learning to gather and analyze data to evaluate the risk associated with each extension. By scrutinizing over 15 attributes related to both business, security and compliance concerns, the risk assessment tool generates a comprehensive report for each publicly available extension, assigning a rating out of 100. The resulting overall risk score, derived from the automated risk assessment process, encompasses critical elements including the Scope of Permissions, Vulnerabilities, External Communications, Business Operation Risk, Security Risk, and Compliance Risk.

Administrators seeking in-depth evaluations can easily select any extension to view its risk analysis within Spin.AI’s platform, ensuring a detailed understanding of the associated risks.

Discover more about the Spin.AI platform by clicking here or by scheduling a demo here.

Learn more about Perception Point Advanced Browser Security here, and schedule a demo here.

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