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Spirion Launches New Data Warehouse

Spirion Enhanced Analytics (SEA) equips security and privacy teams with actionable reporting and analytics on their organization’s risk posture

Spirion, a pioneer in sensitive data governance, today announced the release of Spirion Enhanced Analytics (SEA), a new data warehouse environment to augment its Sensitive Data Platform (SDP).

SEA gives security leaders greater visibility into sensitive data risks, enabling them to prioritize, manage and reduce exposure. It equips privacy and security teams with insightful analytics, so they can create their own actionable reports to better track the progress of their initiatives and make smarter decisions about their organization’s sensitive data.

The IBM-Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach 2022 found that 53% of surveyed organizations don’t prioritize risks, threats, and impacts based on risk quantification. Yet this process was discovered to have a significant effect on data breach costs. Organizations that prioritized risks, threats, and impacts based on risk quantification techniques had an average breach cost of $3.30 million versus $5.40 million for those that didn’t—a savings of $2.10 million.

Data security and privacy teams are actively sharing information from multiple data security products,” says Ryan O’Leary, Research Director in IDC’s Security and Trust. “The overlap between data security and privacy is not going away any time soon. Teams need to operationalize. Having a shared understanding of their sensitive data environment across platforms and programs is an essential first step in managing it holistically.”

“Spirion is the authority for managing sensitive data risk and acts as the single source of truth for any initiative focused on protecting that data,” says Michael Kaczmarek, Head of Product at Spirion. “We believe that providing security and privacy teams with powerful and customizable reporting to analyze trends and monitor vital KPIs is essential to facilitating better management of their sensitive data exposure and reducing the risks associated with it.”

SEA delivers a powerful pipeline that can analyze millions of records, delivering enterprise-grade data model capabilities from an organization’s analytics platform of choice. Data processing takes place in these SEA data warehouses, enabling users to perform complex, data-intensive analyses in seconds. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Arm executives with timely, actionable insights about data security and privacy
  • Monitor key trends and metrics over time to track the progress of risk-reduction initiatives
  • Empower end-users to run their own analyses and visualizations in their preferred analytics platform (Tableau, Power BI, Splunk, etc.) for more impactful insights
  • Populate SEA with metrics from SDP, as well as metrics from other enterprise systems and spreadsheets, for a holistic view of data privacy and security programs

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