Spot Trender Announces Advanced AI Features for Data Analysis

Spot Trender, a leader in market research and data analysis, has announced the launch of its new AI features. These new features allow users to quickly and accurately generate actionable insights from a massive amount of data with a few clicks. 

Spot Trender’s advanced AI features use natural language processing (NLP) to quickly summarize open-ended answers. This helps to save users valuable time, while avoiding the potential for missing critical sentiment through sentiment analysis, which can provide deeper insight into responses. 

In addition, Spot Trender can automatically scan business data and generate actionable insights. For instance, the AI can find statistically significant trends within every demographic dimension in your dataset, allowing you to pull out useful trends within seconds, not days.  This helps to give users a more comprehensive view of their data, allowing them to make informed decisions about their product or service. 

“We are delighted to offer our customers these advanced AI features,” said Rick Nguyen, Co-founder & President of Spot Trender. “As we continue to gain more and increasingly complex data, having an AI or Machine Learning algorithm to help us analyze data and make decisions quickly is essential. We are confident that these features will help our users to make better, faster decisions.” 

“It’s no surprise that A.I. is playing such a big role in almost all industries. I think what’s most exciting about how we have applied these technologies, is that the solutions have been driven by our clients to maximize their value and time.” said Chris South, Co-founder and CEO of Spot Trender. “Spot Trender is in a unique position with the type of granular emotional data we collect from consumer’s feedback on ads. While this launch is the most advanced technology update yet to the platform, these features have only scratched the surface with what the team is working on this year.”

Spot Trender’s advanced AI features are available now for beta testers. 

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