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SRI International Announces Investment in Prevasio

SRI International

SRI International, an independent non-profit research institute, today announced its investment in Prevasio, Inc. The startup provides next-generation tools to democratize cloud security, combining agentless Cloud Security Posture Management with vulnerability assessment and anti-malware scanning for the cloud. As a portfolio company of SRI, Prevasio is also leveraging proprietary SRI AI technology to assess and detect cybersecurity threats using unsupervised machine learning.

“SRI has a long history of developing innovative virtual private assistants, with our development of Siri, which was acquired by Apple, being the most well-known,” said Todd Stavish, vice president of SRI Ventures. “When SRI began work with Prevasio’s founding team, it was determined that the institute’s virtual private assistant models would similarly be a game-changer for cyber professionals.”

The Prevasio virtual private assistant (VPA) acts a force multiplier for cyber security teams, dramatically reducing the time and effort to monitor cloud infrastructure. Using preconfigured policies, Prevasio’s AI system reports on, queries and responds to detected threats by enabling, disabling, blocking or controlling connections from cloud components such as virtual machines, virtual networks, storage or databases.

“The combination of machine learning, AI and automation will allow Prevasio to develop and monitor patterns, boosting human productivity to focus on critical problems, with SRI AI technology handling threat monitoring without human intervention,” said Stavish.

“Our next-generation platform can detect unauthorized access, data exfiltration, crypto mining, and command and control traffic,” said Oscar Marquez, CEO of Prevasio. “The AI component will further help cyber professionals prioritize and remediate threats and vulnerabilities.”

Prevasio currently supports major cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Azure, and is adding support for other cloud platforms.

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