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SSH announces enhancements to SSH Zero Trust Suite

SSH Communications Security (SSH), a global leader in corporate cybersecurity solutions, today announces enhancements to SSH Zero Trust Suite, enabling tight integration for key users accessing critical and sensitive data with Microsoft Entra solutions.

Microsoft Entra and SSH Zero Trust Suite for unified Identity and Access Management in demanding environments
SSH Zero Trust Suite and Microsoft Entra allow customers to improve their cybersecurity posture in Identity and Access Management (IAM). This integration streamlines access control to sensitive and critical data. This solution serves SSH’s customers in finance, government, retail, and critical infrastructure like factories, airports, container terminals, and electricity and water supplies.

PrivX technology protects users’ access to critical and sensitive data
PrivX Entra Edition restricts users’ access to critical and sensitive data with tight access control. Most cybersecurity risks are caused by a few users – typically one out of 200 users. Traditional perimeter-based security has become costly and ineffective. Communications security between people, systems, and networks is more important than blocking access with firewalls.

PrivX completes Microsoft Entra solutions in environments that require high security
SSH Zero Trust Suite tightens the screws limiting access to the minimum and replaces permanent authorizations with just-in-time and just-enough access. The solution creates an audit trail about who did what, when, with what device, and at what time in which time zone. SSH Zero Trust Suite controls access to critical and sensitive data based on true multi-factor authentication (MFA), replacing traditional unsecure token-based two-factor (2FA) authentications like SMS messages. 

“ZT Suite and Microsoft Entra combination solution helps our customers protect their critical and sensitive data. Our User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) functionality adds preventive AI capabilities to our joint solution,” says Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, CEO of SSH Communications Security.

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