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StackPath launches $500 new edge compute credit

Limited Time Offer Enables New Users to Try Edge Platform for Free

StackPath (SP//), the industry-leading edge computing platform, today announced a $500 credit for new customers when they sign up for the company’s low-latency and highly-distributed SP// Edge Virtual Machines (VMs) and SP// Edge Containers services. Up to $500 will be applied to any charges on new accounts’ invoices over the course of their first two billing cycles. StackPath provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivered from 44 locations in 38 markets around the world.

“While other platforms have only promised distributed, low-latency IaaS for years, we’ve been providing it in the real world,” said Kevin Odden, Chief Revenue Officer for StackPath. “This promotion celebrates that established and ongoing commitment to edge computing. Anyone can experience the difference of the edge themselves in a true production environment. No gimmicks, the first $500 is on us.”

StackPath platform was built for cloud workloads that require such low latency that their computing resources must be as physically close as possible to the sources or destinations of their data. The number and needs of such workloads have increased exponentially in the last several years; most cloud-based applications have one or more real-time functions. And according to the fourth annual State of FinOps survey from the FinOps Foundation, as demand for performance increases, so does the need to manage unused resources and commitment-based discounts from cloud investments.

Conventional cloud computing, where computing services are delivered from a limited number of hyperscale data centers, struggles to enable these applications’ real-time experiences, accuracy, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Conversely, StackPath operates dozens of scalable data center installations within major metro areas around the world, reducing latency in and out of its platform for as many users and businesses as possible. This deployment paradigm lets StackPath help organizations not just achieve the performance and geographic diversity their latency-sensitive applications need, it helps reduce their total cost of cloud by eliminating the need for long-haul data transport or reserved infrastructure.

“We’re excited to launch this $500 offer so even more developers and technology decision-makers can see the edge is available now and already advantageous for both existing and future workloads,” said Tom Reyes, Chief Product Officer for StackPath. “When hyperscale clouds emerged, businesses had to discover how cloud complemented their existing operations. In some cases, they had to transform their workloads to take advantage of it. But they found it was more than worth it. A similar transition is happening now with cloud and edge. We want this offer to help accelerate that evolution.”

The $500 free credit is available to all new accounts created through the StackPath Customer Portal or the StackPath Sales team beginning March 5, 2024. The end date of the promotion has not yet been set. The credit will automatically be applied to the account balance of the account’s first invoice. If the first invoice balance is less than $500, remaining credit will be applied to the account balance of the account’s second invoice. Unused credit will not roll over beyond the second invoice. New Customer Free Credit Offer Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

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