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StackPath launches General-Purpose Edge Compute in Paris

Expands availability of General-Purpose SP// Edge Compute to Paris

StackPath (SP//), the industry-leading edge computing platform, today announced launch of additional edge computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the company’s Paris edge location, helping meet escalating demand for SP// Edge Virtual Machines (VMs) and SP// Edge Containers in Europe, specifically optimized for latency-sensitive applications.

“We are excited to launch additional edge compute services in Paris,” said Tom Reyes, StackPath Chief Product Officer. “We have an increasing number of customers that operate in this region. We’re providing their latency-sensitive workloads and distributed applications the platform and scalability they need to enable single-digit latency for end users when milliseconds matter.”

StackPath customers can now provision in Paris general-purpose  SP// Edge VMs and SP// Edge Containers with up to 48 vCPU cores, up to 256 GiB of RAM, and flexible options for persistent block storage and object storage. All SP// edge compute instances are deployed on demand, connected by a global Virtual Private Network, and easily managed through the SP// Customer Portal or API.

“With StackPath, customers configure once and deploy everywhere,” said Tom Reyes “It is all aimed to provide businesses the bandwidth efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved reliability they need to deliver superior experiences to their users.”

StackPath recently introduced a limited-time promotion giving new customers a $500 credit. More information on the promotion and StackPath is available at the company’s website or by contacting its team.

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