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Statcomm Blasts into the Digital Age with PSI

Performance Systems Integration transforms Statcomm’s processes into a best-in-class digital service delivery platform.

Statcomm Inc. (Statcomm), located in Mountain View, California, is preparing to blast into the digital age as part of their integration with Performance Systems Integration (PSI).

Statcomm was acquired by PSI in January 2022, and provides repeating fire and life safety inspection, repair, and maintenance services—as well as installation services for new construction and retrofits to customers across various industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

PSI’s integrations team has been working to transition Statcomm’s processes into a best-in-class digital service delivery platform.  PSI’s key to ensure peak operational efficiency and an excellent customer experience is to provide consistent data accessible by all team members at all times. This digital transformation is scheduled to complete in Q4 2022 and is one of the many important investments that PSI is making in not only the Statcomm operation—but all operations that are under the PSI umbrella.

PSI has found that when team members have a complete digital picture of customer communications and history, the customer experience improves drastically. ServiceTrade, a PSI strategic partner, provides this complete digital picture for the PSI team. Statcomm’s customers can now look forward to the convenience of automated appointment reminders, digital work orders emailed at service completion, fully digital reporting turned around quickly, and follow-up proposals for return services delivered digitally. 

“Ultimately, our goal is to deliver best-in-class service for our customers and a best-in-class system is required to do that,” said Nikki Fisher, Director of Systems Innovation. “We are committed to providing Statcomm and the rest of PSI with the best tools; when we have that, the focus really can be maintaining our customer’s facilities and their critical life safety systems.  Our customer’s safety is our utmost priority.”

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