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Stradigi AI Introduces Self-Service Machine Learning Platform

The Kepler™ Platform’s Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities Enable Business Users With No Prior ML Experience to Get AI Projects into Production

Stradigi AI, a North American Artificial Intelligence software company, today unveiled the new self-service version of its Machine Learning (ML) cloud SaaS platform, Kepler. Stradigi AI is enabling users with no previous ML and Deep Learning experience to reap the benefits of business-driving AI in hundreds of real-world applications. The Kepler platform provides end-to-end automation of complex data science processes with its new Automated Data Science Workflows. The automation features allow businesses to get AI projects to market on their own quickly, solving the most pressing use cases in the market today, including customer segmentation, churn prediction, demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis, attribution modeling, workforce planning, pricing optimization, and more, across all business verticals.

“[The Kepler platform] has been designed to enable non-coders without data science experience to get up and running quickly to make ML-driven predictions,” said Krishna Roy, Senior Analyst, Data Science and Analytics at 451 Research.

According to a McKinsey Global Survey, 87 percent of companies said they are either experiencing skills gaps now or expect them within a few years. Particularly, the AI and machine learning skills gap has created a significant backlog of incomplete AI projects inside organizations. The Kepler platform effectively bridges the AI talent gap to accelerate enterprise-wide adoption of AI. It integrates built-in orchestration and decision making for time-consuming, expensive and arduous tasks that data scientists undertake throughout the process of building and deploying ML models.

“It is no longer a question that AI is a pivotal technology that all types of businesses can benefit from. However, as we’ve seen in the past with other new-to-the-market technologies, organizations get stuck at the implementation stage due to the complexity and resource-intensiveness of moving new projects into production,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and Co-Founder at Stradigi AI. “The Kepler platform was engineered to build, test, deploy and scale multiple AI projects with speed and efficiency. It eliminates the complexity that comes with implementing AI through automated workflows and a user-friendly experience so businesses can stop focusing on the ‘how’ and instead put their focus on moving their projects to production faster.”

The Kepler platform makes tackling complex data-driven use cases with ML a possibility for all enterprises

The sophisticated set of automated tools within the Kepler platform connect to key production environments with the evolving analytic capabilities of a business. Key benefits for Kepler platform subscribers:

  • Impact every part of your business: Automated Data Science Workflows that cover hundreds of business-critical use cases across multiple industries and business units.
  • Greater return on data investment: Connect to tabular, text and image data from multiple sources, allowing businesses to both use more data to solve their complex challenges and better leverage the investment made in data generation and collection.
  • Better business insights: Gain powerful insights into your business drivers along with interpretable results that show how ML and Deep Learning decisions are made in the creation of your prediction models.
  • Simple and fast onboarding: Get set up in minutes courtesy Stradigi AI’s team of qualified support specialists and immediately begin building and deploying models.
  • Access to expertise when required: Speak with expert data scientists and specialist support to ensure ongoing, optimal results.
  • Always stay ahead through continual optimization: The machine learning and deep learning algorithms within the Kepler platform are constantly updated by Stradigi AI’s world class team of experts.

“Advanced Machine Learning is no longer reserved for the select few who have access to specialized skills,” Carolina Bessega, Chief Scientific Officer at Stradigi AI. “The Kepler platform augments data science capabilities for anyone who has data and a problem they want to solve. Our research and data scientists constantly optimize the Kepler platform’s data science features and ML and deep learning algorithms to ensure that our users are leveraging state-of-the-art technology, every day.”

Put the power of Machine Learning in the hands of your team, today, and see a measurable impact on your business, quickly.For more information on the Kepler platform, book a demo with a Stradigi AI expert.

Supporting Quotes

“ReclameAQUI is one of the top customer influencers in the world – we have more than 23 million unique visitors each month so we generate a huge volume of data, and have equally huge challenges in analyzing and making predictions with that data,” said Edu Neves, Co-Founder and CEO, ReclameAQUI. “Our global search for partners that can help us to accelerate and maximize the delivery of predictive models using AI and ML led us straight to Stradigi and Kepler. The ease of use, the 60% acceleration of the time-to-market of our predictive models, combined with the technical expertise and efficiency of Stradigi AI’s customer success team were the main reasons for that choice.”

“Zú is proud to partner with Stradigi AI by allowing access to Kepler solutions with the objective of pushing the boundaries of the entertainment tech ecosystem with improved fan engagement, connected venues, AR/VR interactivity, content creation & optimization,” said Guillaume Therien, General Manager, Zú. “Montreal is a hub for AI and a well-recognized creative city, Zú and Stradigi AI rally these communities around a common goal: to support the development of cutting-edge projects that will challenge and reinvent the creative process.”

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