Stratascale ,Dataminr to bring AI-powered Real-Time Alerting to ASC

Real-time alerts generated by Dataminr’s market-leading AI platform further enhance attack surface management capabilities

With the escalation of threat actors who are wielding artificial intelligence (AI) to commit cyber attacks, security teams need advanced AI more than ever to keep pace. Stratascale, an SHI company, has forged a new partnership with leading AI platform Dataminr to empower chief information security officers and their teams with the tools to identify and respond to cyber, digital and cyber-physical threats.

Stratascale is incorporating Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk into its attack surface control (ASC) services, which enable clients to continually manage, test, and validate their attack surface beyond the standard capabilities of attack surface management tools. Dataminr’s powerful AI platform is uniquely positioned to protect people and assets from real-time physical, cyber, and digital threats. Dataminr’s real-time, actionable intelligence allows Stratascale to deliver more visibility and risk awareness as part of its robust ASC services.

“It is crucial to harness AI in our cybersecurity services because it delivers significant benefits and operational efficiencies to our teams and our clients,” said David Olzak, Senior Vice President at Stratascale. “By combining our capabilities and expertise with Dataminr’s leading-edge AI platform, we deliver a more advanced service so clients can identify, validate, and remediate threats faster.”

ASC allows clients to better understand what their true attack surface looks like, uncovering relevant attack paths and continuously validating vulnerabilities and controls through investigation and testing. This comprehensive knowledge of an attack surface allows security teams to prioritize vulnerabilities by metrics like risk or resource availability and gives CISOs and teams clear direction on where to spend time and resources.

Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk harnesses AI to deliver the speed, scope, relevance, and precision essential for managing the rapidly advancing cybersecurity landscape. It enhances Stratascale’s ASC services by providing the fastest and most accurate external attack intelligence, digital risk detection, and new capabilities for vulnerability prioritization and cyber-physical threats. This empowers Stratascale’s experts to constantly optimize the services they offer to their clients and deliver best-in-class AI efficiently. The platform offers unparalleled insight and visibility, enabling quicker detection and response that outpaces other services.

“Together with Stratascale, we are empowering CISOs and their organizations to realize their goals of proactively defending their most critical assets with unmatched real-time cyber, digital, and cyber-physical threat detection,” said Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr. “Combining the power of predictive and generative AI, Dataminr’s real-time AI platform detects and describes emerging events, risks, and critical information faster than any other available source.”

“The global risk landscape grows more significant by the day, compounded by the increasing convergence of cyber and physical threats,” said Dave DeWalt, Founder and CEO of NightDragon and Chair of Dataminr’s Corporate Market Advisory Board. “It is essential that organizations like Stratascale and Dataminr partner to tackle this problem and deliver CISOs more robust capabilities. Dataminr’s AI platform provides unmatched speed and accuracy, enabling CISOs to mitigate these increasing threats more effectively than ever before.”

The integration of Dataminr’s Pulse platform into Stratascale’s ASC services is available now. Learn more about how Stratascale can help you take control of your attack surface.

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