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Stride announced the launch of Stride Conductor

Stride, a leader in GenAI and custom software development, today announces the general availability of Stride Conductor, its new autonomous coding product that transforms the software development landscape. Stride Conductor is a novel framework that uses natural language to deploy multiple LLM agents that work collaboratively to develop, enhance, and test software. Stride Conductor differs from existing tools which typically require a dedicated developer at all times. Stride Conductor fits within existing workflows and completes tasks including story refinement, technical planning, unit test creation, coding, critique/review and test automation semi-autonomously with human oversight and observability. This results in higher developer productivity and autonomy.

The core elements driving Stride Conductor’s autonomous coding capabilities include:

  • Multi-Agent Collaboration: Specialized AI personas like developers, testers and architects work in unison, blending diverse skills for end-to-end software creation.
  • Local Environment Adaptation: Agents deploy directly in developers’ local IDEs, automatically conforming to existing languages, frameworks and tooling.
  • Full Lifecycle Autonomy: From story refinement to unit testing, teams of agents execute projects self-sufficiently with observability and human oversight.

Francisco Martin, CEO of Stride said, “Stride Conductor is not just a tool, it’s a complete paradigm shift in autonomous software development. By harnessing the collective intelligence of LLM agents, we’re accomplishing tasks in seconds that previously took hours, all while maintaining the highest code standards of quality and innovation.”

Debbie Madden, Stride’s Founder and Chairperson, highlighted Stride Conductor’s strategic value, “This product demonstrates our ability to extend the boundaries of what’s possible with GenAI tools and software development. By employing Stride Conductor, organizations can achieve up to a 75% reduction in development time compared to traditional methods. This leap in efficiency is poised to set a new standard in the industry, offering a smarter, more intuitive approach to software development.”

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