StudioCOIN’s Futuristic EduTech ForumVR to Drive Immersive Learning

Flagship tool uses augmented and virtual reality technologies to teach values and skills through classics like Alice in Wonderland, Frankenstein

StudioCOIN, the AR/VR educational content platform, recently announced its plans to distribute its products and expand its flagship tool ForumVR’s reach to many more libraries and public educational institutions worldwide. This is following their recent participation in the Games for Change fest in July, where it showcased ForumVR, their unique virtual education tool, as the next leap in virtual education program with its “contactless” Augmented Education platform.

With this, StudioCOIN will link its library programs to contribute to the expansion of future educational models to discover creative convergence talent through ForumVR. Currently, StudioCOIN’s ForumVR experience is offered at the Seoul Animation Center and five libraries in Seoul.

It is a known fact that children learn more and faster by experiencing things or topics than just reading. With Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technology, teaching a vast array of subjects to children through immersive experiences has become a possibility. Also, virtual learning has a much richer experience over other online learning or in-person formats. And, with the COVID-19 outbreak, global parameters for education are also changing, with companies developing diverse ways of using VR to bring about change in education.

Now, children can learn any topic by experiencing it through VR. StudioCOIN’s future-oriented multi-participant ForumVR collaborative learning education program gives children a fully immersive experience along with learning.

ForumVR Game Features

The VR Game experience has children form a team consisting of an experiencer and between 5 and 10 participants. The experiencer gets the main character of the virtual story and selects participants, who help him or her make choices that determine the story experience and the end.

It is an approximate 50 minutes experience and suitable for children in the age group of 7 to 15 years.  The team members connect through VR storytelling, as they solve puzzles and create the story. At the end of the game experience, children organize and express their thoughts on each topic.

Teaching Lessons through Popular Stories

ForumVR is currently offering three exciting stories for the multi-participant VR experience. The interactive storytelling includes ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Artist of Oz’, which also teaches them important values.

In each story, participants get to choose various options that have different outcomes. The story changes as per the choices. Each story has themes that teach children different values such as equality, fairness, respect, ethics, and enhances their skills in science, ethics, creative thinking, fun, communication, teamwork etc.

Alice in Wonderland’ emphasizes collaboration, communication, and choice of values. The second series, ‘Frankenstein’, deals with some serious topics like respect for life, human exploration, science, and ethics for the ages of elementary school students in grades 5 through middle school. And, ‘Artist of Oz’, which received the ‘Best Immersive’ award at the Made with Unity Korea Awards 2020, indulges in creative arts and culture.    

The stories use visually appealing fairytale graphics, voiceovers, and music to ensure the game is a fully immersive experience for children. While VR storytelling entertains, the debates and discussion section educates children about different topics, and after the game helps participants learn about analytical choices, teamwork, confidence, and communication.

StudioCOIN’s offerings help with the planning and production of educational content and developing 2D/3D animation and video content. StudioCOIN has been recognized for its VR/AR platform and won accolades at the VR/AR Expo in the Game Content category. StudioCOIN, which has earned earlier recognitions as ‘E-Learning Excellent Company Contest Edugame’ and ‘AR/VR Expo Game Content’, has also introduced a safety education content ‘School VR’ using VR technology and science learning content ‘Everyone’s SCIENCE’ using AR technology.

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