StuffThatWorks Launches StuffThatWorks for Life Sciences

Primed to promote rapid pinpointed clinical trial patient recruitment and optimize clinical trial design for improved participation retention

Led by senior founding members of Waze, StuffThatWorks, the patient community platform that harnesses crowdsourcing and AI technology to empower people dealing with chronic health conditions to better navigate their health, announced today the expansion of its digital health platform with the launch of StuffThatWorks for Life Sciences.

A structured patient recruitment platform that facilitates and streamlines the candidate identification process for pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO), StuffThatWorks for Life Sciences affords its partners access to the world’s largest Real World Evidence-centric database containing over 1.2 Billion data points of consistently structured information across 750 conditions.

Successful recruitment of patients is known to be one of the most challenging aspects of conducting clinical trials; recent research published by Nature indicates that “Just 5% of eligible patients participate in clinical research”. Barriers to patient recruitment such as identifying and contacting potential clinical trial participants, lack of patient awareness about available trials, distrust, and less-than-optimal questionnaire design stand in the way of recruitment and retention of trial subjects.

“Our mission has always been to empower patients to make their real world experience with treatments more central in the bigger picture of healthcare. There’s no better way of accomplishing that than by arming patients with big data created from their own experience,” said Yael Elish, CEO and co-founder of StuffThatWorks. “With StuffThatWorks for Life Sciences, we aim to amplify the patient voice and channel this data to bridge the communication gap between patients and pharma. By doing so, the opportunity to optimize clinical trial design, improve upon the development of therapies and better tailor care to the needs of the patient, becomes a reality – bringing us one step closer to better outcomes for all.”

With searchable parameters of inclusion and exclusion criteria, the customizable Solutions Dashboard allows partners to meticulously tailor their search to pinpoint and engage their target audience for everything ranging from awareness campaigns, focus groups, and targeted surveys to clinical trials and more. An interactive map that highlights the geolocation of participants that match the campaign criteria and patient engagement dashboard all culminate to offer the ideal tool for sponsors and CROs.

StuffThatWorks for Life Sciences pricing is a SAAS platform based on the engagement goals of the individual campaign. For partnership information please contact StuffThatWorks. 

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