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Sunlight.io and Edgelabs.ai announce partnership

Sunlight.io and Edgelabs.ai Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive and Secure Edge Computing Solutions

Sunlight.io, the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Infrastructure platform built for applications that run at the edge, and Edgelabs.ai, a provider of next-generation AI-powered edge security solutions, are proud to announce their partnership to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for edge computing. The integration of AI Edgelabs’s edge security solutions with Sunlight’s edge infrastructure platform offers a scalable, secure, and efficient solution for organizations looking to harness the benefits of edge computing.

The partnership provides organizations with improved data quality, advanced threat detection, automated response, continuous monitoring, and a scalable and secure solution. The integration is seamless, and deployment is simple and efficient. All data is processed on-prem and on the go without any delay, providing organizations with real-time data for smart decisions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Edgelabs.ai to provide an integrated solution that enhances the security of Sunlight HyperConverged Edge infrastructure. Edgelabs.ai autonomous cybersecurity AI is deployed as a solution in the Sunlight AppLibrary, and can easily protect 100s to 1000s of edge clusters at the click of a button,” said Tom Flink, CEO of Sunlight.io.

“We are excited to partner with Sunlight.io to offer organizations a next-generation edge security solution enabling AI and automation, essential to defending an expanding Edge/IoT attack surface and responding to the massive increase in security events, which humans and traditional solutions cannot address,” said Inna Ushakova, CEO of Edgelabs.ai. “Our AI-powered edge security solutions combined with Sunlight’s seamless and highly-available integration gives enterprises peace of mind that their data and Edge/IoT critical infrastructure is protected from all types of cyber-security threats.”

This partnership will enable organizations looking to take advantage of the benefits of edge computing now to do so with the peace of mind of a fully protected environment.

Contact Sunlight.io and Edgelabs.ai to secure your organization’s growth with the latest AI-powered edge security solutions.

For more information, please visit sunlight.io and edgelabs.ai.

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